Top 7 Best Boot Dryers in 2023 Reviews

Imagine that it is raining and you are wearing snow-packed shoes?

Things will become uncomfortable quickly. It is where Boot Dryers come in handy. A shoe dryer is an electronic equipment that blows air into your shoes, causing them to dry Faster.

It is helpful to individuals who go out during the chilly winters and rainy monsoons.

Boot dryers come in variable sizes, speeds, and prices.  With a market loaded with products, it becomes challenging to choose one that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

To help you navigate through the world of boot warmer, we will provide you with a list of the most-reviewed products available out there. Selecting one, you will wonder how did you manage without using a boot dryer.

Best Boot Dryers to Buy Online

1. PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Boot and Shoe Warmer

PEET Original 2-Shoe Electric Boot and Shoe Warmer help eliminate odour, fungus, bacteria, and moisture from footwear. It dries rain-soaked, soggy slippers, shoes, and boots, allowing you to relax on rainy day walks and treks. Just place your boots on the unit, turn it on, and let it do the job for you.

PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer and WarmerNo matter how saturated your work boots are, they get ready for the next day. The best part is that it does not produce noise while drying your footwear. It relies on technology more than a fan to cause hot air to move up your boots or shoes.

You may think that consumes more power as the heating element needs to do the work. It consumes less energy than a low-wattage bulb. Since it comprises a commercial-grade plastic material, PEET ORIGINAL shoe warmer is lighter than its counterparts.  It includes 25 years of warranty.


  • Energy-efficient costs pennies a day
  • Silent works without a sound
  • Eliminates moisture, prevents mold and mildew
  • It prevents bacterial growth
  • Deodorizes footwear in 3 to 8 hours

2. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

It tops our list of best Boot Dryers reviews. Use the DryGuy DX Dryer to dry boots, gloves, and shoes. The boot warmer has a fan that supplies hot air to the four drying ports. It includes a three-hour timer.  This shoe dryer takes 1-3 hours to dry damp, wet boots. However, saturated boots will take three to six hours to dry.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

It includes four blowers that let in air blow over the gloves, boots, or shoes at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is cool enough not to harm your footwear or gloves. If you want, you can blow dry items at room temperature. DryGuy DX Dryer includes two removable extensions that slide over the drying ports.

If you are looking for a boot dryer amazon for ski boots, sports, and hunting gear,  DryGuy DX Dryer is an excellent option. It is safe to use and won’t damage your gears. Thus, you can start your day with comfortable hands and feet.


  • Safe for and boots, clothes and liners
  • It helps eliminate odors, and enhances the longevity of your gears
  • Two removable extension tubes for dry damp and wet boots
  • Drying boots up to 16 inches tall
  • Dries Four garments simultaneously

3. MaxxDry heavy-duty Shoe, boot, and glove dryer

MaxxDry heavy-duty shoe and boot dryer provide rapid and safe drying to varieties of shoes and boots. By fast-drying, the Maxxdry shoe dryer prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria, protecting your gears from degradation and odour. This dryer follows a sophisticated, dual approach to dry your gloves and shoes.

MaxxDry heavy-duty Shoe, boot, and glove dryer

At first, the MaxxDry shoe warmer produces 40.50 degrees Celsius to evaporate moisture from the gloves. Then this unit uses a fan that forces warm air around the shoe. It causes an even distribution of airflow to almost all corners of the item. Additionally, the airflow reduces humidity and prevents the spread of mold and bacteria.

It is safe to use on delicate items and doesn’t damage your liners and clothes. Use the switch to turn off the heat. It keeps the fan running so that you can observe the drying of intricate items. MaxxDry Heavy-duty boot warmer comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Heats to 105-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Forced air technology to gently dry four garments in about 1 hour
  • Removable 16” extension tubes to dry tall ski boots
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Heat and No heat switch

4. PEET Advantage 4-port Electric Express Shoe Warmer

PEET Advantage Shoe Warmer includes a central fan that causes the uniform distribution of airflow through the air Chambers and DryPorts. It results in faster drying of your gear when compared to the traditional conventional blowers. This fantastic shoe warmer dries most footwear within four hours, depending upon the saturation of your gears.

PEET Advantage 4-port Electric Express Shoe Warmer

This boot dryer includes a robust and durable base that deals with two sets of ski boots or skates. Whatsmore, this boot dryer amazon connects to any standard 110-120 volt U.S. current source. It comes with an inbuilt timer that lets you set the drying time as per convenience. With PEET Advantage Electric Express boot and Shoe dryer, you can effectively and safely dry leather, rubber, vinyl gears.

The product comes equipped with ETL-approved fans. The fan consumes considerably less electricity than the standard bulb. You have the liberty to choose from heated and unheated drying. It works well with canvas, neoprene, fleece, synthetics, microfiber, felt, and so on. A five-year warranty also backs it.


  • ETL-approved fans
  • A boot extension attachment to circulate and channel warm air
  • It eliminates moisture and preserves your gear
  • Dry up to 2 pair of shoes at a time
  • Odour to the curb

5. PEET Original 2-Boot, and shoe dryer with Sanitizer and Deodorizer Module

The PEET Original Boot and shoe dryer’s drying power comes with a deodorizer module that uses molecular science, eliminating bacteria and odour. Oxygen molecules carry an electrical charge and form ozone molecules. Ozonated air gets dispersed inside the footwear. It uses convection technology to draw in warm air from the vent in the boot dryer base. Warm air rises through the specially designed air chambers.

PEET Advantage 4-port Electric Express Shoe Warmer

Coming in contact with the pollution and odor molecules, ozone molecules penetrate through them and remove lousy odour by changing their chemical build-up. PEET Original boot warmer is safe for footwear and gear made of rubber, canvas, plastic, cloth, vinyl and fabrics like Gore-Tex.

DryPorts directs airflow for optimal circulation through the items getting dried. The boot dryer’s Deodrier module easily removes odour from the boot and sanitizes your gear and footwear. It includes 25 years of warranty.


  • Gear made of rubber, canvas, plastic, cloth, and vinyl
  • It comes with a deodorizer module
  • It uses molecular science for eliminating bacteria and odour
  • It is best for all footwear and all materials

6. DryGuy Dry Rack Boot & Glove Dryer

With DryGuy Glove and Boot warmer rack, you can put an end to the malice of moisture. It comes with silent heat radiating system, which dries out your gears. The boot warmer is the ultimate accessory for your mudroom or garage. It can accommodate up to eight two to four pair of shoes.

DryGuy Dry Rack Boot & Glove Dryer

You can place shoes, boots or gloves in any combination. It takes 6 to 8 hours to dry your gears and footwear. Load your gears on the dryer, and it gets the job done. This boot dryer amazon consists of robust enamelled steel that enhances the longevity of the product.

DryGuy boot and shoe warmer have a modular design with two positioning alternatives. It has both free-standing and wall mounting options.

It doubles a space-saving gear storage rack. It makes the boot dryer suitable for the cabin, mudroom, condo, and garage. DryGuy Glove and Boot dryer measures 6″ x 18″ x 26.5″ inches and weighs 8 pounds. It comes backed by a


  • Designed with a silent radiant heating system
  • It can accommodate four or eight shoes or boots
  • A modular drying technology with three mounting options
  • Modular design with two positioning alternatives
  • Drying mechanism from 2 to 200 pairs of shoes or boots 

Buyer’s Guide on the Best Boot Dryer

With so many options to choose from, finding the right one becomes challenging. Our buyer’s guide section will make your job simpler. We will provide you with a list of factors to consider when buying the best boot dryer.

1. Type of the Boot dryer

Convection boot dryers and forced hot dryers ( Aka boot warmer)  are the most commonly-used boot dryers available out there. Boot warmer Feature vertical tubes that allow you to keep your Boots. Convection boot dryers take in room air, warm it,  get it rinsed, and raise it into the boots. Forced boot warmer does the same thing. It comes with a fan that blows the air through the boots.

For better results, you may use UV-based boot dryers. These dryers use ultraviolet rays to dry the boots. Moreover, they also kill bacteria, and fungus, to prevent bad smell.

2. Total number of ports

It would be best to consider how many shoes, boots, or gloves you want to try.  For a family, four-port boot dryers might be the ideal option. However, for a pair of boots, a two-port boot dryer will be enough.

3. Port height

Another essential factor that you should consider when buying boot dryers is the height of the port. Even though most boots will fit on boot dryers’ standard tubes, hunting and raining boots will need a taller port to work effectively. The best part is that most products have tube extensions,  increasing your vertical tubes up to 16 inches.

4. Drip Tray

Make sure that you use a drip tray under your boot dryer. Often, boot dryers come with a drip tray. You may have to purchase one separately. A drip tray can make a difference in minimizing wet, protecting your floors. A mess as your boots dry. When your boots get rain-drenched or snow-packed,  a drip tray can protect your floors from getting damaged.

If you are planning to use boot dryers on hardwood floors or floors with carpet, a drip tray is a must.


With the information given above, choosing the best wood dryer will become an easy task.  Our buyers guide Section will also help you to choose a suitable product. Boot Dryers keep your feet clean and hygienic, Preventing the growth of fungus and bacteria. You can pop your shoes, gloves, and boots on your dryer, knowing that they will dry in no time.

Keep in mind that the shoe dryer you choose will depend on your requirements and the shoes you wear. If you want to pick the best boot dryer, make sure you choose one from our list. When deciding on one, consider the factors mentioned earlier and the features of products and provided detailed information. You can comment below if you are still finding difficulties in choosing the right one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the boot dryers to dry gloves?

If the Hand gloves’ material is compatible with the materials dried by your boot warmer, you can dry your gloves.  But, the expensive boot dryers are specially meant for drying shoes.  They have functionalities and uses.  Such a boot warmer gets used for drying only the footwear.

2. Are the shoe dryers good for the shoe?

Dryers are shoe-friendly and suitable for all types of shoes. They use the lowest heat to dry the shoe, removing bacteria, odour, and fungus.

Shoe dryers are no longer a luxury for all people. Individuals dwelling in extremely cold regions use shoe dryers. Shoe dryers are commonly used by people living in regions of heavy rainfall. Pick a shoe dryer based on the region where you live and the type of shoes that you wear.

3. What are the precautions to be followed while maintaining the shoe dryers?

You need to follow the following precautions. It would help to enhance the longevity of the shoe dryer. Never keep the shoe dryer close to the fireplace.

Don’t dry wet shoes using boot dryers.

First, let the water get soaked before placing the shoe on the shoe dryer. Then clean the air tubes so that airflow doesn’t get obstructed. Thirdly, use the boot warmer at optimal temperature. See if it gets overheated. Finally, tie the shoelaces before drying them. Otherwise, the laces may get inside the shoe dryer.

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