Top 7 Best Electric Wine Openers in 2023 Reviews

Best Electric Wine Openers – Did you get sick and tired of opening a bottle of champagne or sparkling vodka with a cork that doesn’t break or pop out? Are you hunting for the best Electric Wine Openers?

If you don’t have one in place, you will lose time and strength. Corkscrews will take a lot of time and effort to open. Instead of opening it, you end up pushing the cork down more.
Life becomes easier when you’ve got an electric wine opener that can do all the work.

It acts as an ideal electronic gizmo that you can use to open a bottle of wine or one entire vial of it. The best thing about using an automatic wine opener is that it is easy to use. All the thing is required to do is put the opener at the top of the bottle. Push the button of the cork opener.

The cork of the bottle will get released in just a couple of seconds. In general, an electric wine bottle opener is designed using stainless steel, which is durable and rust-resistant. You don’t have to apply much strength to open the cork of the bottle.

Are you thinking of fetching the best electric wine bottle opener? If so, you will find the job overwhelming.

Not all bottle openers are the same. You need to look for some factors when you want to buy a wine bottle opener. We wanted to make your life easier. It is why we came up with a list of the best bottle openers available out there.

Best Electric Wine Openers

Best Electric Wine Openers to Buy Online

1. Secura Electric Wine Opener

The Secura wine openers electric comes powered by a rechargeable battery that can effortlessly open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. It comes with a stainless steel design that imparts a stylish look. Don’t judge it by its external appearance, as it can perform equally well.

The wine bottle opener comes with a one-touch function that makes it easy to operate. You need to place the opener on top of the bottle and make sure it is as upright as possible. You can move it in a clockwise direction that steadily makes its way to the cork.

Beautiful and convenient
Stainless steel design
Effortless to operate
Works on 30 bottles on a single charge

2. Oster Electric Wine Opener

Do you want to buy an electric wine bottle opener that makes it hassle-free to open and take a sip out of it? Oster wine bottle opener comes with one-touch functionality and an ergonomic design that makes bottle opening an easy job. If you want to switch it on, you can press down on the button.

The sleek and ergonomic design of the wine opener makes it easy to grip using one hand. The opener has a diameter of 2.25 inches. There is an LED light at the top, which makes it look even more stylish.

It has a base that measures 5.5 by 5.3 inches and consumes minimum space. If you are searching for something lightweight, you can go for this handy wine bottle opener.


Lustrous, stylish, and elegant
Works within a second
LED light at the top
Comprises a foil cutter to remove seals rapidly

3. Peugeot – Elis Electric Wine Opener

Indeed, it is an investment piece. It will make for a stylish and effective addition to your kitchen countertop. The French wooden wine opener is easy to use. Additionally, it has a beautiful sleek design that will blend well with other decorative pieces that you might have.

If you want to use it, you need to press on the cork and wait for it to get ejected automatically. Once it stops, you need to tilt it on to the sideways.

The cork should come out as well. You can try it on 50 bottles before you recharge the wine bottle opener using the USB cable. It comes with foil cutter accessories. You can plug the charger into the AC outlet.

Programmed extraction
Noiseless and powerful motor
Quick and high-performance opening
Contemporary design

4. Ivation Wine Bottle opener

You can gift it to a wine lover. The electric wine opener has an excellent quality, which makes it perfect for regular use. You will also find the sealer feature of the wine bottle opener useful. You might have used expensive and fancy wine bottle openers before, but it makes you feel what you didn’t before.

Even a person who is not drawn to Wine will appreciate the technology and design of the wine bottle opener. It comes with a charging base that got impressively designed. As mentioned earlier, it is a great gift item.

But, you can give the starter pack to a budding wine enthusiast. The best electric wine bottle opener allows you to unlock at least 30 bottles at a single charge.

Single touch operation
Conserves Open Bottles
Base duos as storage
Open bottles easily

5. HOUDINI H1-04104T Electric wine bottle opener

HOUDINI H1-04104T Electric wine bottle opener for people with the grip issue is a must-try product. It is a rechargeable wine bottle opener that works faster and easier than one that costs much. The wine bottle opener has a sleek and slender profile that makes it perfect for smaller hands to use the product.

Indeed it is an affordable upgrade. If you have used a lever-assisted automatic wine opener before, you will find that it is sturdier to use.

There are multiple types of corkscrew that vary from a single wing to the Electronic waste that gets the work done for you. It has a weight of 1.46 pounds which makes it easy to carry. It is a motorized wine bottle opener that opens the cork in a second.

A sleek and slender profile
Ergonomically designed and less inclined to slip
Includes a rechargeable battery
Plenty of spins and smooth operation

6. Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

It is a slightly heavy wine bottle opener that allows you to anchor the lids. It is a cost-effective foil cutter accessory that comes with control buttons. While some people make prefer the best automatic wine opener, others may go for one that helps you anchor the bottles.

The credit goes to the premium quality stainless steel construction that offers stability to the product. You can use the wine bottle open to prevent the bottle from wobbling and sliding.

It is one of the fastest wine bottle openers that we tested, which takes an average of 20 seconds to open the bottle. It has a plug-in charging cord and rechargeable battery. It opens up to 50 bottles on a single charge.

Confiscate & emit switches
Premium quality stainless steel exterior
It easily opens up to 50 on a single charge
Compressed and lightweight

7. Sharper Image Rechargeable wine bottle opener

Opening the cork of a wine bottle becomes more effortless and fun when you buy the Sharper Image Rechargeable wine bottle opener. It is a handy device that recharges on its base and you can unlock the wine bottle with the fork cutter.

With a recharger at the base, the battery-operated wine opener makes it easy for you to open your favorite bottle of wine. It will work with all types of standard and oversized wine bottles so that you can unlock at least 30 to 40 bottles of wine at a single charge.

One of the best aspects of the wine bottle opener is that is cordless and portable. It allows you to carry the wine bottle opener wherever you go.

Sharper Image corkscrew opener
Simple to use
Durable and Effortless to clean
Rechargeable battery

Buyer’s guide on Best Electric Wine Openers


An electric wine opener got designed to open multiple bottles. If you are hunting for a rechargeable option, you should make sure that you can open various values using it. This figure might vary, but the minimum requirement is that it should extend at least 30 bottles before it gets recharged.

Included accessories

Some people may not find accessories supplied this an electric opener to be vital. Nevertheless, the minimum requirement for a wine opener is a foil cutter.
It is an essential yet simple step. It holds, especially if you are going to use any sort of wine opener.

Additional accessories

Additional accessories of an electric wine bottle opener that would be perfect for wine drinkers include a vacuum stopper and aerators. Even a vacuum wine opener would come with gentle suction. It is good for decades-old wine bottles.

Check the cork compatibility

An electric wine opener got designed to make bottle opening a simple job. But, it doesn’t mean that the bottle opener should work with all types of cork. A decade-old wine bottle might have an opening that’s more likely to crumble.

The price range of the wine bottle opener

The price of the wine bottle and the wine opener might vary. But, it is possible to find one in a modest range. You may find cheaper models that might cost you a bit more or they might be clunky.

Get a portable opener

You may need to decide whether you should go for a stationary bottle opener versus one that’s travel friendly. Additionally, you may find that an electric wine bottle opener is portable. The one that requires a connection to a power outlet is bulkier.


There are a lot of ways to open a bottle. If you are looking for an easy one-step option that doesn’t require here to struggle with an opener, you need an automated one. There are some key features that you should consider when buying the Best Electric Wine Openers.

If you manage to own an old bottle of wine, think of using an electric wine opener bottle opener works without breaking the fork. It is better to go for Best Electric Wine Openers that work without crumbling into your wine. Although experts claim that an electric wine bottle opener is unsuitable for older bottles, you can still get it done. It is better to go for an electric wine opener with gentle air pressure to exert less force on the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions on best electric wine openers

1. Is it ok to use an electric wine opener on a decade-old wine bottle?

One of the conditions of opening an older wine bottle is that the aging process might make the cork brittle. If you put too much force to open, you might end up breaking the cork or getting it into the wine.

2. How can I get a wine bottle opener that’s easy for me to use?

Like anything else, an electric wine opener is available in various styles. It got designed to make opening bottles easier with minimum effort on your behalf.

Particularly, opt for the best electric wine bottle opener that comes with a non-slip handle coated with rubber.

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