Best 9 Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Review (In 3 Classes)

Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Review – A motorcycle and vintage style headgear look perfect with each other. Helmet technology has gone through evolutions in the past decades. New technologies and new materials for manufacture, safety awareness are all parts of the driving force towards the headgear.

Try out vintage full-face motorcycle helmets if you want to buy something that looks classic and foolproof your head. Indeed, there is something serious about motorcycle headgear. It does not protect your head but also is a legal requirement in most states.

It is the single most critical part of your riding accessory that keeps you protected in times of bike accidents. Like other biking gears, not all helmets are the same. It is quite crucial to find ideal riding gear. It’s critical. But, it is not easy to find a perfect combination of shape, size, and style. If you buy headgear based on its designer, you’re doing it wrong.

Experts say that you should replace your old headgear with a new one every five years. With the market being loaded with plenty of products, it isn’t easy to decide on one. We came up with a list of vintage style helmets motorcycles to make your job easy.

The buyer’s guide section talks about the factors to consider when choosing a vintage style helmet. We hope that the guide helps you choose a product that matches your style and fits your requirements. Let’s get started with no ados.

Vintage Motorcycle Helmets Review

Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmets Review


1. Vega X-Small vintage motorcycle helmets

It tops our list of vintage style helmets motorcycles. If you go for long trips, the open-face helmet from Vega is an excellent choice. Vega brings you a range of headgears that gives you a 70s feel with colored and bespoke graphics printed on the helmet. The helmets get customized in a superior way and offer a plush feel. It comes with a soft interior padding that enhances your riding experience.

The open face helmet is ISI-approved and has a crack-proof nature. Vega headgears have superior quality, and products are pretty economical. This unit is available in four unique sizes X-Small, Small, X-Large, and Large. There is no doubt that the Vega helmets are easy to handle, as they are lightweight.

The vintage style motorcycle helmet weighs 2.2 pounds. Unlike other helmets, quality headgears from Vega come with snap flip guards. The headgear not only gives you protection against UV rays, but it is also wind and fog-resistant.


  • Soft interior padding
  • ISI-approved and has a crack-proof nature
  • The advanced size-adjustment dial system
  • High solidity fully vented eps liner

2. BELL custom 500 vintage motorcycle helmets- Large

Bell open face vintage motorcycle helmets have been there since 1954. It is a minimal open face helmet that got designed to look cool. The classic headgear from Bell offers uncompromised safety and comfort.

It’s a low-profile shell designed to restrict the size of the helmet to a minimum. It comes with a classic outlook, exceptional build quality. It lets you clip on a sun visor. The custom 500 headgear is available in a carbon shell or fiberglass too. Besides, the helmet comes backed by a multi-density EPS liner. One of the best things about buying is that it comes in five multiple shell sizes.

It allows the brand to add a maximum count of EPS liners to each shell. Bell vintage helmets got designed to suit medium oval head shapes. But, it means that the helmet fits the majority of the riders. Moreover, it is perfect for two-wheeler silhouettes like racer and bobber.


  • Five shells & five EPS
  • Fiberglass composite shell
  • Genuine leather interior
  • DOT approved

3. Biltwell Bonanza DOT vintage helmets

Biltwell vintage style helmets motorcycles come third on our list. The high-end motorcycle headgear protects its user while keeping him relaxed and warm. The Bonanza ¾ driving accessory makes justice to the retro gear. It has the same hand-painted polish headgear not only looks classic but also fits comfortably and snugly.

Bonanza’s interior comes with a custom-shaped EPS shell and hand-woven linen. In addition, it has a moisture-absorbing Lycra panel and foam pads for extra breathability. The nylon wrap comes with steel-plated D rings. As mentioned earlier, the shells of the vintage style headgear consist of ABS plastic, a thermoplastic, you’ll find in a range of helmets.

It got DOT certified, which makes it perfect for regular bikers. Moreover, the S version gives permanent protection that makes it worth it. The helmet filament is rounder, which means that it is pretty neutral. The vintage headgear is available in a range of vibrant colors.


  • Rubber accent edging
  • Diamond sewed quilted open-cell foam padding
  • D-ring neck strap with an adjustment strap end retainer
  • Prolonged polystyrene inner shell

4. Woljay Leather half vintage helmet

The vintage style helmets motorcycles come forth in our list and are available at a fantastic price range. When considering all comfort-based features, you will find that the vintage style headgear has a tremendous value for money.

Though the leather helmet is more pricey than its plastic counterparts, it is worth it. The removable brushed and hand-woven Lycra liner give a warm and comfortable feel. You don’t have to bother about smells, tear and wear over time.

It is unique and rugged, features a hand-painted tint all over the ABS injection mold. Still, it is firm. The outer shell got injection molded and comes with a hand-woven finish, which gives users a vintage feel. Wearing the vintage style motorcycle helmet makes you feel like a second skin that gives you protection against shocks and wear. It comes with a ¾ open-face design that facilitates ventilation while protecting the user against impact.


  • Hand-woven Lycra liner
  • Vintage style headgear
  • ABS injection mold
  • Single touch buckle

5. AHR Run-O5 open face vintage helmets

Are you hunting for vintage full-face motorcycle helmets? The AHR Run-O5 headgear has a color combination of blue and red. The vintage style helmet comes with a DOT certificate that meets your safety needs. The rugged ABS material used in the shell makes it resistant to impact, melting, and breaking.

It is a classic-style double-g ring fastener. If you need protection from the rain, it has some poppers on the helmet. It likewise flaunts a polystyrene foam, and the D-ring strap is thin.

Go for the unit if you are looking for classic headgear to pair up with your cycle or motorcycle. The ¾ shell design of the helmet keeps it well-ventilated.

It got lined with thick foam that minimizes discomfort and friction. The vintage style motorcycle helmet comes with a removal sun visor that gives protection against UV rays.


  • Hard ABS material
  • EPS foam with DOT certificate
  • Compact and skin friendly
  • Effortless to clean

6. Pretoee Open Face vintage helmets

Are you looking for classic headgear for scooters? Switch on to Pretoee’s open face helmet. It is a fiberglass open face headgear and highlights peripheral belting. It has the same exceptional build quality available with all Pretoee vintage full face motorcycle helmets.

It is not only well built but also a well-thought headgear that gives optimal protection to the users. The DOT version of the helmet got Snell approved, so it ought to perform well if you put it to test. It employs a similar fiber shell that you’d find in other helmets produced by the brand.

It got reinforced by a strengthening band under the brow. Besides, it comes with a shock-absorbing EPS liner. Pretoee makes the Vespa Helmet in three unique shades. It offers one shell size that covers every two filaments. It is not only good for comfort but also offers you safety. The premium vintage motorcycle helmets are available in three unique shades of black, orange, and blue.


  • ABS shell armor-plated merged
  • Environmental coating external
  • EPS Buffer Layer
  • ECE approved

7. BELL custom 500 vintage motorcycle helmets- medium

The BELL custom 500 vintage motorcycle helmet is the last item of our best Vintage Motorcycle helmet review. It is specially designed with a classic outlook, exceptional build quality. It lets you clip on a sun visor.

Additionally, it comes with a multi-density EPS liner. One of the best things about buying is that it comes in five multiple shell sizes. It provides unbending safety and comfort.

Another feature that is it provides the brand to add a maximum count of EPS liners to each shell. Bell vintage helmets got designed to suit medium oval head shapes. It is also constructed with an integrated 5-snap pattern and also DOT approved, which encounters the FMVSS 218 Standard.


  • Five shells & five EPS
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Anti-bacterial interior
  • DOT approved

Vintage Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed: Buyer’s Guide

For most of us, the quench for the new vintage style helmets motorcycles gets aesthetically driven. When buying a vintage style helmet, you need to focus on several factors. Let’s take a look at the determinants that one should consider when buying a vintage style, classy helmet.

Construction of the shell

The weight, stability, durability of the helmet, mostly the resistance to impact largely owes to the type of shell that covers it. It likewise includes the material that lines the inner layer of the shell. Typically, it consists of plastics, composites, and carbon fiber.

It features a combination of two to three proprietory constructions as well. It is worth noting that the premium headgears come with more shell sizes than budget-friendly ones. It makes room for a lighter helmet that gives you a better grip.

Liner and pads

It is not only weight, but safety also relies on the cheek buffers and interior liner. You will find that some pads aren’t only more luxurious and plush than others but also flaunts quick-drying and sweat-quick features. It does so to offer comfort to the riders. Vintage full-face motorcycle helmets have liners and pads that are removable and washable.

Some helmets also offer quick release systems for prompt responders and medical experts.

Value and price

Ensure that you purchase a premium helmet that’s durable and sturdy. It will take extra bucks to buy high-end and top-performing headgear, but it is worth it. But, you don’t need to be sad if your budget is on the lower end. You can find a reasonably priced vintage style motorcycle helmet on our list.


Excessive wind noise isn’t just annoying but also can distract you and cause damage to your ears. Typically, Riders get exposed to around 90 decibels of sound when they drive at 40 miles per hour. The noise level climbs to 110 decibels when driving 100 miles per hour. Vintage style full face headgears keep you from wind noise.


By now, you know the best vintage motorcycle helmets that you can pick. Go for the Woljay Leather half vintage helmet if you want a premium quality helmet. It is unique and rugged, features a hand-painted tint all over the ABS injection mold. If your price is on the lower end, go for the Vega X-Small vintage motorcycle helmet. Choose one that meets your requirements and spending plan. We hope that you find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vintage Motorcycle Helmets Review

1. Are expensive helmets heavier than the budgeted ones?

High-grade headgears aren’t only expensive, but it is also heavy. It provides better protection and remains comparatively lightweight. Depending on its type, materials, and types, the weight of the vintage style motorcycle helmet varies between 2.63 to 5.45 lbs.

2. Are expensive helmets safer?

A vintage style motorcycle helmet needs to pass ECE and DOT certification. It means that both cheap and expensive motorbike headgears should pass the same safety certification to offer the same protection. The price of the helmet doesn’t matter..

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