7 Best Mattress Pad Heaters to Buy in 2023 Reviews | Guide

Best Mattress Pad Heaters – When you look for the best-heated mattress pads, then you need to look for a heater which will offer your purpose for a long time. The best of the mattress pad heaters are designed in such a way that provides efficient and fast heating purpose without any issues.

These have built-in heaters and can function at variable temperatures that would suit your need accordingly. These electric mattress pad heaters are easy to use and would provide you with proper heating.

Some of the best merchandise available in the market are described by us in this article with a comprehensive buying guide. Make sure that you check them out.

Best Mattress Pad Heaters Review

1. Premium Mattress Heating Pad California King Size

This heated mattress pad king comes with a quilted cotton padding that would feel like you are sleeping on a warm piece of cloud. The cotton fibres used comes with an advanced mechanism of heating capability along with maximum comfort. The exotic fibres are healthy for your skin tissue accordingly.Premium Mattress Heating Pad California King Size

With this mattress heating pad, safety is assured by the manufacturers’ end. There aren’t any cheap wiring or fibres used in this product.

The cutting edge design insulates the circulating heat inside the cover this protecting your skin from unnecessary burns. There isn’t any EMF radiation also emitted from this mattress heating pad.

The steady heat produced from this product dilates blood vessels and promotes blood flow. This helps in opening up sore muscles and provide relief from aching muscles. Thus, this product is the best for people who are suffering from multiple muscle pain or people who have severe physical disabilities.

This heating mattress pad can heat up fully within minutes, so you need not getting your bed warm. The high-quality pads wouldn’t get wasted over time, and thus the softness of the mattress is retained for a long time.

The manufacturer also offers a five-year manufacturing warranty for this product.


  • Adjustable auto shut off timer
  • 20 heat settings
  • Two controllers for two unique bedding climate
  • Soft flat cord
  • Fabric fitted sides

2. Degrees of Heated Mattress Pad

This is one of the best mattress pad heaters in the market that you can rely upon for fast and efficient heating which suits most beds with a variety of size. The pad heater is also available in a variety of sizes that you can select from according to your need.Degrees of Comfort Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad

This product comes with a high relief therapeutic system that will offer better relief for sore muscles. It comes with a single controller that makes it easy to operate.


  • High-quality therapeutic heat relief
  • Easy to use controller
  • Long flexible power cord
  • Two controllers for two unique bedding climate
  • Fabric fitted sides
  • Comfortable cord

3. Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Mattress Pad

This bed warmer pad uses a low voltage technology that makes it a fine pick of a heated mattress pad. It will provide you with fast and efficient performance, thus making it an excellent product for you to consider. It is made out of high-quality micro velour fabric with in-built thin wires, thus bringing to you faster heating.Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

This mattress comes in a variety of size that you surely do not want to miss. It also comes with different functionalities to adjust according to the need of the user.


  • Low voltage technology
  • Micro velour fabric material
  • In-built microfibres
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Soothes muscles in your sleep
  • Dual controller
  • Even heating mechanism
  • Thin wires

4. Sunbeam Mattress Pad King White

This is one of the best-heated mattress pad that manufactured from a high-quality material which consists of a unique 100% cotton topper and 9 Oz fill.

Sunbeam Mattress Pad King White

This mattress heater pad comes with ThermoFine technology that provides even distribution of heat for the mattress. The best part is that this unit is machine washable, so this makes the product quite efficient to use.

It also comes with ten heat settings that will allow you to switch between the right amount of heat according to your preference.


  • Soft quilted diamond design
  • 100% cotton topper
  • Preheat function system
  • ThermoFine technology system
  • Ten heat setting levels
  • Machine washable

5. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad 10 Heat Settings

This king size heated mattress pad is one of the best products if you are thinking about purchasing a heating pad with a variety of heat settings.Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

It even comes with a 10-hour auto-off timer which makes it reliable and convenient to use. The material from which this mattress pad manufactured is 50% polyester and 50% cotton. It can also be machine washed without any hassle.

This mattress pad can fit a variety of beds. It also has an in-built easy to read LED-lit light that makes it a perfect option which you would never want to miss out on.


  • Ten heat settings
  • 10-hour timer function
  • SimpluTouch pro controller
  • 50% polyester and 50% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Five years warranty

6. Holmes Premium Quilted Electric Heated Mattress Pad

This is one of the best bed warmer pads that you might want to consider if you are looking for a versatile product.Holmes Premium Quilted Electric Heated Mattress Pad

It is uniquely designed with an auto shut off feature, which makes it safe and reliable to use. The adjustable heat settings make it a great pick when it comes to using it for a variety of purposes.

The availability of the long power cord helps in flexible and convenient working of the same. This product will provide you with the best comfort you can ever attain. It is also made out of 100% cotton for increased comfort and longevity. This is a cost-effective product that you will get for a pocket-friendly price.


  • Therapeutic body relief
  • Five heat settings
  • Auto shut off system
  • Premium quilted electric heating pad
  • 100% cotton
  • Five years warranty

7. Sunbeam Non-Woven EasySet Thermofine Heated Mattress Pad

This is another one of the best mattress pad heaters available in the market that comes with 100% non-woven polyester material for increase safety and longevity.Sunbeam Non-Woven EasySet Thermofine Heated Mattress Pad

It can heat up to 10 personalized heat settings that will allow you for the comfortable adjustment at the required temperature level. This unit also has 10 hours of auto shut off system, which makes it a fine suit that will serve all of your purposes.

This product is very efficient and powerful. It ensures that the mattress pad gets heated for a better feel. This unit can also be used for king size beds, thus making it versatile to use.


  • 100% non-woven polyester material.
  • Ten personal heat settings
  • Thick, soft mattress padding
  • 10 hours auto shut off settings
  • Five years limited warranty

Things to consider while buying Best Mattress Pad Heaters

There are some crucial factors which you need to consider before purchasing the best mattress pad heaters in the market. These are as follows:

  1. Size of the mattress pad: Usually, mattress pad heaters are designed in such a way to fit all sized beds. They come in a variety of size. Choose one which suits your bed size for the perfect comfort.
  2. Material: Look for the quality of the mattress pad heater. Some of the products are made out of 100% quilted cotton, while others are a combination of cotton and polyester. No matter what, the mattress pad heater should be soft and have a comfortable feeling to it.
  3. Heat settings: The mattress pad should have the ability to heat in different settings. Some have five heat settings, while some of the products come with 20 heat settings. Moreover, the product should be safe and reliable to use for an extended period without any issues.


There are various heating mattress pads available in the market, and we have picked out some of the best products for you to consider. All of the products, as mentioned above, come in a variety of size to fit your bed size. To provide you with more idea, we have provided you with a buying guide for each of these mattress pads, thus helping you out in every way to make your purchase!

FAQs Mattress Pad Heaters

Q.1 Is using a heated mattress pad safe to use?

Ans: Yes, as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, heated mattress pads are relatively easy to use.

Q.2 Can heated mattress pads be used on memory foam?

Ans: Yes, heated mattress pads can be used on memory foam however, it is not recommended. It might damage the memory foam; however, there are no potential risks while using it.

Q.3 How can I wash a heated mattress pad?

Ans: With all the wires and electrical components, most of the heated mattress pads are machine washable. Which you need to do is remove the control units and power cords before cleaning it, and you can easily wash it.

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