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Best Cup Holder for Cars – A car cup holder is an essential piece of equipment, just like any other part of your vehicle. The driver and the passengers as well would love to enjoy their beverage while travelling in their car. For this reason, one needs to install the best car cup holder for the best and top-notch experience ever.

This small piece of equipment would ensure that your drink doesn’t get spilt in your car as you drive. If you are looking forward to such an experience, then it is mandatory that you need to install the best cup phone holder in your car without any second thoughts!

There are various brands of cup holder available in the market now, and it would seem like a confusing task for any newbie to select from such as a wide variety of cup holders for the car.

We took some time and researched some of the best car cup holders for you with various factors kept in mind while purchasing the same.

A buying guide has also been included in this article for your convenience so that you do not face any issues while getting yourself a car seat cup holders from our list.

Best Cup Holder for Cars Review Online

1. Balmost Gap Filler with Cup Holder (Passenger Side)

This cup holder for car console is highly versatile and durable and is easily compatible with most of the cars out there in the market. This equipment can be used on both the passenger as well as driver’s side as well.Balmost Gap Filler with Cup Holder

This is primarily a storage function that can be used as a cup holder as well. You can also store various other essentials such as cellphones and wallets in this without any hassle. This product is also very easy to install.


  • Compatible for most vehicles
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable pedestal
  • Convenient to use
  • Extra storage options to store wallets and cellphones

2. Elecrelive Universal (cup holder) and Mobile Phone Storage (Brown)Elecrelive Universal (cup holder)

Next in our list is this beautiful car cup holder organizer that is compatible with various cars. It has a practical and elegant design which makes sure that it does not take up much space on your car.

It is constructed with high-quality ABS and EVA which assures firm grip and proper stability too. It has a long lifespan and doesn’t require much effort while cleaning the same. Installing this cup holder is also easy than most of the other products out there in the market.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • High-quality ABS material for durability
  • Multi-functional Organizer
  • Beautiful and elegant design

3. Pro Image Lines Auto Drink Holder  (Leather) Organizer

On our third spot comes this car cup holder that comes at a relatively affordable price. The best thing about this cup holder is that there is no installation required. All you need to do is place this equipment in between the passenger and the middle compartment.Pro Image Lines Auto Drink Holder

It comes with a leather cover which makes this car cup holder look elegant and stylish. It doesn’t scratch any surface of your car, and you can also hold your drinks in addition to having access to an organizer that can be used to store your phone and other essentials without any hassle.


  • Leather cover
  • Can be used to store phones and wallets too
  • No installation is required.
  • Does not scratch the surrounding surface

4. Pro Image Lines Universal Car Cup Holder w/Pen Hole – Beige

This is another one of the best car cup phone holder in our list from the same manufacturer as above.Pro Image Lines Universal Car Cup Holder

It is specially designed to accommodate your drinks and can be used to store other essentials such as wallets and phones. It even comes with a pen hole as well.

One of this car cup holder’s best features is that it is versatile and can be fitted to almost any cars. It has no installation process required for this equipment which you need to do is place it between the passenger’s seat and the middle compartment, and voila, you are good to go.


  • Versatile
  • Can be used to store wallets too
  • No installation required
  • High quality and durable material

5. SENLIXIN Car Seat Organizer with Leather Cover (Black)

This carseat cup holder can store two cups at a time and have space for other essentials as well, such as phones, keys, and loose change. It can be installed easily within significantly less time, and there are no tools required to install the same.SENLIXIN Car Seat Organizer with Leather Cover

Cleaning this equipment is very easy too! It is made out of plastic, thus able to withstand for a long time without any hassle. It also comes with affordable pricing, which makes it suitable for all sorts of budget.


  • Fits most beverage cups and comes with additional storage facility for phones and stuff
  • High quality and durable plastic material
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Can be installed without any tools

6. Custom Accessories 91127 Wedge Cup HolderCustom Accessories 91127 Wedge Cup Holder

If you like a simple car cup holder organizer that can accommodate two cups at a time with the facility to store other essentials. This product comes with a  positive review on the internet, so it is worth buying online.

The manufacturer kept this accessory’s price at an affordable range so you can rest assured that it wouldn’t cause any issues to your budget. When it comes to its installation procedure, that is also very easy to execute.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Can be used for organizing various items
  • Sits perfectly on the seat wedge

7. KMMOTORS Side Pocket Organizer, Multi-Functional Storage (Black)

Finally, we have this high-quality car cup holder organizer convenient to use and will make sure that you have a comfortable driving experience while enjoying your favourite drink.KMMOTORS Side Pocket Organizer

This product is versatile and can be used for storing various other essentials such as phone, wallets and cigarettes efficiently.

This product has strong compatibility, thus suited for most of the vehicles out there. Although it has a higher price range, this product is worth every penny of yours! It is also efficient to clean, as well.


  • Strong compatibility
  • Versatile
  • High quality
  • Extra storage for storing other stuff

Things to consider while buying Best Cup Holder for Cars in 2020

It would be best to consider various factors before purchasing the best car cup holder for your vehicle. These are as follows:

  1. Size

The size of a cup holder is essential to consider. If your cup holder is way too small, then it might not hold the essentials. If you purchase a giant cup holder, it will compromise the level of comfort while you have your ride. Make sure that you go with the perfect size while buying the best car cup holder.

  1. Material

Everyone looks for a cup holder that brings a stylish yet reliable experience to their car. The material affects the stability of this accessory and would eventually allow a convenient experience. Having a rubber or plastic cup holder would ensure that your drink doesn’t get spilt in your car.

  1. Other features

Some of the other features that you can look forward to in a cup holder are adjustable and have an extendable base. This ensures that the user has a firm grip and stability without any hassle.


Here we have provided you with the best cup holder for cars reviews that you can go through and make your purchase more successful. We have listed some of the top products available in the market that can hold your cup very firmly and without any spillage.

This will ensure that your car doesn’t get dirty and will provide a clean and tidy environment while driving the same.


Q.1 How to maintain the longevity of my cup holder?

Ans: Ensure that you clean your cup holder installed in your car now and then to ensure its longevity.

Q.2 What are the benefits of installing a cup holder?

Ans: A cup holder in your car wouldn’t allow any spillage to occur while you are driving. A spilt cup can distract the driver and might cause an accident on the road.

Q.3 What is the most standard cup holder available in the market?

Ans: The most popular type of cup holder available in the market is the ones that can adapt to the console and is therefore adjustable.

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