Best Welding Gloves for MIG & Stick – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Welding Gloves for MIG & Stick – Do you have welding blisters?  Whether it is a TIG or MIG, welding safety is the key concern of a welder. Needless to mention that welding without MIG welder gloves is dangerous because gloves protect your hands against burns and injuries.

While welding, you need a glove that protects your hand from UV rays, sharp edges, spark, flames, and more. It’s also essential to wear the right glove while welding. You may have a gardening glove that fits you well, and you want to wear it while building. We would advise you not to do so.

Keep in mind that welding gloves should adjust to extreme temperatures. If you need one, we got you covered. We will provide you with the list of the top best welding gloves versatile and suit different applications.

Best Welding Gloves for MIG & Stick

Let’s get started with our top choice!

Best Welding Gloves for MIG & Stick to Buy Online

1. Revco Top Grain Leather MIG welding gloves

Revco GM1611 Black Stallion MIG Welding Gloves are the best welding gloves available in the market. It comes with a flexible cowhide on the palms, fingers, and backs of the hand. They are about 12 inches long with an adjustable cowhide cuff. It comes with a classic design that makes it versatile and suitable for stick, TIG, and MIG welding.

Since it comes with a full cotton liner, it offers optimal comfort for long welding sessions. The gloves come with index fingers and Trademark stallion reinforcing patches on the gloves. Revco names the reinforcement on the heel of the finger as a drag patch. It calls the prop on the back of the cuff as a restpatch.

The hand gloves feature kevlar stitching for extra durability that protects your hand from the environment caused by intense welding processes. They are the best welding gloves for durable design and comfortable grip.


  • Seamless index finger.
  • Proprietary drag patch.
  • Soft cotton lining for comfort.
  • Kevlar stitching all over the glove.

2. Lincoln Electric Traditional Stick/MIG welder gloves

Lincoln Electric Welder gloves provide a one-stop solution for all types of welding. They consist of cowskin split material that renders flame and heat-resistant properties. They offer adequate protection and are designed for long-term use. Apart from the robust build, these gloves highlight welted seams and kevlar stitches that ensure the gloves last long.

While adding flexibility, it doesn’t compromise the quality of the material. For optimal comfort, it includes an extra thumb pad that protects the extended wear area. The gloves come with a 5-inch handcuff that offers extensive coverage to your arms.

If you are looking for a  welder glove that offers enhanced comfort and protection to your hands, Lincoln gloves are an excellent option. It comes with a full cotton liner that protects your Hands from heat and absorbs moisture. It proves to last in a professional or intense fabrication environment.

Each glove seam comes reinforced with leather material called welt that protects the product from tear and wear. The gloves follow strict manufacturing regulations to offer a snug and comfortable fit.


  • Heat & Flame Resistant.
  • Kevlar threading, excellent durability.
  • The inside cuff is wizened with a twill cotton.
  • Straight thumb design and fingertip sensitivity.

3. RAPICCA 16 Inches 932 welder gloves

RAPICCA 16 Inches welder gloves might look simple and come with an affordable price tag, but they are the best gloves. Besides grilling, it serves other purposes like frying, baking, and welding activities. They come with 16 or 18-inch cuffs, based on the level of protection welders require.

If you work for long hours, it’s better to opt for 18-inch cuffs because it keeps you protected from oil splatters and heat. The waterproof lining of the handcuffs protects against accidents. RAPICCA is the only company that offers double-reinforced Kevlar padding on either side of fingers, Backs, elbows, and Palms of welders.

The 16 inches gloves come with a 7.5 inches long sleeve that protects your hands from grinding debris, open flame, hot coals, and hot steam. Experts recommend it for Stick Welding, MIG welding, and flux-Core welding. Welders gloves come with soft shoulder natural wear-resistant, cut-resistant, puncture-resistant high strength sewing on the palms, finger, back, and elbow. You can clean it with a damp cloth and sundry it later.


  • 16 inches long sleeve.
  • Reinforced Kevlar padding on five fingers.
  • Superior comfort.
  • 100% soft flame retardant insulated cotton liner.

4. Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves 271888

Due to its rugged construction and durable nature, Miller Electric MIG welding gloves earned popularity among users. They are for professional welders that work with MIG or stick welds throughout the day. Dual-layered palm and backrest offer increased protection and comfort.

If you work in a production plant, you need to take off gloves time and again. Users feel that Miller 271888 builds up heat, so it’s better to cool off. Take breaks and allow the outer cowhide cover of the glove to cool down.

In addition to this, gloves include Kevlar stitches that resist harsh environments.

Gloves fingers have a keystone design to fit your thumb and include a pre-curved finger. Thus, it works constantly and doesn’t need a break period. Miller MIG welding gloves are a bit pricey, but it provides leather cuffs and extra padding. The thumb wing design of the gloves offers added comfort and dexterity. As mentioned above, it includes Kevlar stitches for optimal seam strength and protection.


  • Ergonomically multi-layered designed.
  • Pig split leather palm.
  • Puncture and moisture resistance.
  • 100% flame-resistant Kevlar thread.

5. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat 14black welding gloves

If you’re looking for a new pair of fire-resistant welding gloves, KIM YUAN has something for you in-store. It offers you a couple of high-grade gloves at affordable prices. KIM YUAN gloves consist of cow split leather material that comes with superior heat insulation properties. It doesn’t compromise on quality because it has sweat-absorbing cotton cloth inside.

Effective insulation and standard construction allow the gloves to withstand up to 350 degrees Celsius. Thus, it’s suitable for most tasks related to warm temperature conditions. Cow leather construction of the glove doesn’t only offer heat protection but also prevents damages and cuts. Unlike other gloves, KIM YUAN stellar MIG welding gloves come with long-wearing Kevlar stitches.

The thread used in stitching gloves consists of Kevlar stitches, which means that these gloves are more glare-resistant in comparison to others. These gloves last long, as the manufacturer backs them with a warranty. They offer enhanced flexibility without sacrificing the build quality. Moreover, it’s one of the affordable gloves you’ll find in the marketplace.


  • Full cow split leather surface.
  • Heat/fire resistance and puncture resistance.
  • Best for high-temperature work.
  • fireproof and soft sweat absorbent cotton inside.

6. Co Tillman Large 14″ Gold MIG welding gloves

The inner layer of the glove includes a fleece liner over foam. It offers a snug fit and feels great. As it consists of reinforced and thick cloth, it prevents bruises on your hands. While the cotton hand liner provides comfort and heat resistance, the twill absorbs moisture and sweat.

If you work with sharp objects, welders gloves offer enhanced protection than others made of thin materials. With thick gloves, you would anticipate troubled mobility, flexibility, and maneuverability. It is a versatile glove that comes with an external leather layer that protects your hand from flame, sparks, and spatters.

Since these MIG welder gloves are smooth, you don’t have to worry about comfort level. It likewise implies that your hands don’t end up having white fluff all over them. Kevlar stitching of the gloves protects hands from flames, spatter, and sparks. Gloves come with an air-isolated Aluminum Foil and flame-retardant cotton cloth.


  • Split Leather Palm Reinforcements.
  • Seamless Forefinger And Elastic Back.
  • Cowhide split reinforcements.
  • Cotton thermal protection pulls.

7. Lincoln Electric DynaMIG Welding Gloves

Lincoln DynaMIG HD Professional Gloves are constructed with grain and split leather, sewn with high-quality kevlar thread, and featured with a unique multi-layer liner.

These MIG welding gloves constituents and structures offer excellent heat resistance and relaxation without losing deftness or durability. It is best for most MIG and Flux Core welding procedures.

Another highlight is that it has an inside twill cotton cuff liner that absorbs moisture for enhanced coziness while welding. The exterior 4 inches split leather cuff offers heat and grazing resistance.


  • Heat resistance & comfort.
  • Integrated elastic band to improve the fit.
  • Multi-leather external for considered protection & performance.
  • Moisture porous twill cotton inner cuff.

 8. Caiman 12 inches White Goatskin Long Cuff welding gloves

As the name suggests, Caiman welding gloves are made of superior quality goat grain leather. In particular, the thumb and fingers of the gloves use goatskin. The pair of gloves include a 4-inch cuff that comprises a separate layer of leather. It features a blend of solid protection and sturdy material along the wrist line.

It protects your hand from being stiff while allowing you to maintain dexterity.

If you’re seeking comfort, top-grain skin best welding gloves are an excellent option. Leather gloves have a plus point as long as the construction doesn’t get wrecked, it delivers you satisfactory performance. It’s the same with Caiman MIG welding gloves.

When you need complete dexterity, you need a pair of gloves like this. What’s more, you can buy two to three pairs of caiman gloves at the same price you get one pair from the nearest competitor. So, if you are looking for pocket-friendly gloves suitable for welders, you may switch on to white Goatskin TIG Welding gloves.


  • 4-inch cuff.
  • Resilient and durable.
  • Effortless work.
  • Pocket-friendly.

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Things to Look for When Buying the Best Welding Gloves

In addition, to shock and injury protection, the best welding gloves should allow you to move your hands freely. No doubt welding can be a complicated job, and you should have complete control over your fingers and hands for safe welding.

Dexterity is a KEY factor to consider when buying welding gloves, but it depends on the job you do. The level of dexterity relies on the type of welding. For TIG and MIG welding, heat protection should be the prime factor while determining the adroitness of the gloves.

Type of material

It’s better to go for a leather glove because leather is a non-conductor, durable, and causes fast heat dissipation. Welding gloves made of leather are the top pick. It’s simply because leather allows you to move your hands-free while protecting it from injuries.

As told above, leather is resistant to heat and can withstand up to 400 degrees celsius. You will find that gloves are made of different hides like goatskin, horsehide, Deerskin, Elskin, pigskin, and more.

Hand gloves made of cow skin find application in MIG and tig welding. Deerskin gloves provide agility and are suitable for TIG welding. Are you searching for a glove that handles wet and oily conditions? If so, you can buy a pair of gloves made of pigskin.

Glove liners that provide the right amount of insulation

The heat produced from welding will likely burn the torch, which in turn might get your hands burnt. The right type of insulation is needed so that your gloves protect your hand against getting burnt.

Get a glove with a cotton liner that can withstand up to 400 degrees celsius. Gloves that provide dexterity come with kevlar liners that have the potential to tolerate up to 800 degrees Celsius.


As per our market survey,  Revco top grain is the best welding glove because it is affordable and agile.  It allows you to move your hands-free when working. It comes with a flexible cowhide on the palms, fingers, and backs of the hand. It comes with a classic design that makes it versatile and suitable for stick, TIG, and MIG welding.

If you want affordable welder gloves, you can go for the Lincoln Electric Traditional Gloves.  Apart from the robust build, these gloves highlight welted seams and kevlar stitches that ensure the gloves last long.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to best Welding Gloves for MIG & Stick.

1. What are the differences between gloves used in MIG and tig welding?

MIG welding gloves come with extra padding on the back and tend to fit loose. TIG welding gloves consist of soft and thinner material that allows precise manipulation of the torch and other equipment.

2. Why do we prefer leather gloves over others?

Leather is the best material made for welding gloves. It is not only durable, but also resistant to heat and protects your hands against getting burnt. Gloves made of heavy cotton, wool, or leader offer more protection than other materials.

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