The 5 Best Steam Mops, Tested by Our Experts

Best Steam Mops – Do you need sparkling clean floors without the use of a bucket, floor cleaning solutions, or knees-and-hands rubbing? Instead of chemical cleaners, a steam mop would be the answer.

Steam mops would turn plain water into hot steam to remove tough stains and remove grime.

You may think that a regular steam cleaner does a job good enough to clean the floor. But, a top-notch steam mop will just change your mind. Instead of covering floors in water, they blast your floor with a flood of hot steam that loosens all dirt and grime.

If you want to maximize the effort and time needed to complete a household chore, consider adding a steam mop to your collection of washing supplies.

The fact is 20% of Americans reported mopping as the bane of the household chore list. With all the goods of using a cleaning mop, you’d not want to get back to traditional means of cleaning.

Is it easy to choose the best cleaning mops available there? After all, the market got saturated with bundles of products. Not all mops would work for you. Further, you want to learn about the things to consider while buying the Best cleaning mops.

It’s why we came up with steam mop reviews to make your job easy. Keep reading!

Best Steam Mops

Best Steam Mops Review to Buy Online


1. O-Cedar Steam Mop

It is the best steam mop for laminate floors. If you want to buy a cleaning mop for hardwood flooring, O-Cedar Mop is an excellent choice. Made by O-Cedar, the mop cleans about 99% of bacteria and germs. Although you can’t use the mop on the carpet, it is a versatile tool with unique features.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t use cleaning solutions. Using only water you can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The microfiber cleaning mop is easy to mantle and dismantle. You can attach the handle and the mop head to the tank housing. In addition, the mop comes with a bucket having a capacity of 200 milliliters.

The mop is just five pounds and is exceptionally lightweight. Plus, the mopping head is twelve inches wide, which gives you enough cleaning path.

The best part is that the cord is about 120 feet long and cleans the most room. You don’t have to unplug the cord.

The handle reclines horizontally. The steam mop has a unique feature to clean carpets and rugs. It comes with a snap-on glider attached, the mop moves smoothly over fabric.


  1. Adjustable steam settings
  2. Microfiber pad captivates bacteria, dust and dirt
  3. Heats up quickly
  4. Effortlessly glides across your floors

2. Shark S5003D Genius Hard Floor cleaning mop

The shark steam and scrub sanitizes and cleans hard floors. The shark produces a cleaning mop with three settings, relying on the level of dirt. How the mop cleans also depends on the type of surface.

The mop allows you to clean floors without using cleaning solutions. Though the mop needs you to assemble the parts to some extent, it takes seconds literally. All you want is to attach the handle and the mop head.

The mop comes with a double-sided grip pad and you can wash it. It comes equipped with the fill flask feature too. The water tank comes with a small opening, and the slim spout of the vessel fits easily.

The blackened mop end is evidence that the steam mop cleans the floor. The steam blaster setting gets activated by flipping the mop around and pressing it down.

Though it weighs 6 pounds, the Shark mop isn’t much heavy. The best part is that you don’t have to use a battery to run the unit. It comes at a discounted rate of 110 dollars at Amazon.


  1. Touch-Free Technology
  2. Ultra-wide cleaning zone
  3. Simply loosen wreckage from grout lines
  4. Super-absorbent dual-sided pads

3. Sandoo 1200W Multipurpose steam mop

Do you want to get rid of regular cleaning chores? Sandoo 1200W Multipurpose cleaning mop makes your job easy and is the best steam mop for hardwood floors. It allows you to clean the floor better and faster.

The mop comes with twelve accessories adapters. It likewise has two reusable pads to clean almost anything around your house. All you want is to install the attachment and it does the work for you.

The cleaning mop comes with a power output of 1200 Watt. It produces steam at 105℃/221℉ to clean your house. The floor steamer is more gentle on the ground. The steam cleaner gets heated within fifteen to eighteen seconds.

It comes with an adjustable steam button to provide you with cleaner, fresher and better floors.

The best steam mop for laminate floors comes with a bucket having a capacity of 300 ml. You can use the mop for about twenty minutes per fill. The best part, the widget comes with an 18-month warranty.

The steam cleaner doesn’t use harsh chemicals and is safe for your pets and family.


  1. 1200W robust power
  2. 300 ml large capacity water tank
  3. 20 minutes lasting per fill up
  4. 20ft extended power cord

4. Shark S7000AMZ steam mop

The steam mop comes with three different settings: scrub, mop, and dust. In addition, the unit is safe to use on all floorings. It becomes ready to work within moments of plugging it. So, it has got a level for each type of job. It comes with a double-sided reusable mop pad.

Hence, you can get a cleaning mileage for each job. It is the best steam mop for laminate floors. It has a combination of rotating and steam pads, which provides a 2X stuck stain removal vs. traditional mops. The two cleaning modes suit your cleaning style.

You can use the light way for a lightweight cleaning job. Use the standard mode for regular use. It gently cleans and sanitizes sealed hard floors. It provides you with a free, gentle, and chemical-free sanitization.

The mop comes with a sleek and durable design for easy maneuverability. The mop cleans about 99% of bacteria and germs.


  1. Light and quick two steam modes
  2. Chemical-free sanitization
  3. 150 scrubs per minute
  4. Robust and sleek design

5. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANB steam mop

We couldn’t complete our steam mop reviews without mentioning the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANB steam mop. It has no extra features, accessories, frills to muddle about it. It has one of the smallest water tanks of the models we tested so far. It saves water through a consistent flow of steam.

It delivers an acceptable cleaning performance on smooth floors. It comes with a 200 ml water tank with a narrow 0.75-inch mouth.

It comes with a 20-feet cord and has a velcro mop pad. When you use it on even and smooth flooring, the mop delivers an acceptable cleaning performance.

As far as the mop pads go, this one is a bit thin and has more like a microfiber cloth than a mop pad. You’d expect such a simple mop to be quite simple to use. But, there are some components to lose or swap out.


  1. 212 degree F super-heated steam
  2. Replacement steam mop pads
  3. Versatile floor types
  4. Ultra lightweight and skin safe

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Steam Mops

You read about the best steam mop for hardwood floors

available there. We will list some features thought when buying steam mops and provide an explanation to understand.

Water tank

You want to think of the areas that you want to clean regularly. If you’ve got a spacious room, you should choose a steam mop with a capacity of more than sixteen ounces.

A larger tank might mean a cumbersome widget, but if you want to clean fast, you want to look for a water tank that gets refilled while cleaning it. You don’t have to turn off the mop. It lets it cool down.

Cleaning pads

In general, microfiber traps and carries away the shifted dirt. Usually, microfiber allows you to trap and carry away the shifted dirt. Sometimes it comes in multiple types, which helps you swap over a long distance. A steam mop comes with more than one pad, sometimes of different types. It is useful for swapping over during a long-term cleaning job. If one is in the wash when you got some steam cleaning.

Carpet glider

A smoke carpet cleaner comes with an off and on button. Steam on the button activates continuous mist flow, so you don’t have to press a button to keep the fumes coming.

An off-lock of a mop acts as a safety feature. It stops you from accidentally turning on the Best Steam Mops.

Steam output

Do you’ve got pets or kids in your household? It means that you need a model with adjustable steam output so that you beat up the heat when you want to manage stubborn stains.

It gives you better control for a more professional wash. Steam controls vary from one model to another. While some mops come with a preset function, others come with an adjustable knob for greater flexibility.

Special Accessories

Shark steam and scrub are ideal for occasional cleaning jobs. But, some widgets come with additional parts that make it easy to reach places otherwise hard to cover.

Models come with special nozzles perfect for cleaning windows, countertops, car upholstery, and kitchen countertops. Though it is expensive, such mops are way versatile.


Our editor’s product is the O-Cedar Steam Mop. The mop is just five pounds and is exceptionally lightweight. Plus, the mopping head is twelve inches wide, which gives you enough cleaning path. If you like to buy a garage opener for under 100 dollars, you may go for a Sandoo 1200W Multipurpose steam mop. You can buy any of the offshoots mentioned above.

We hope that you liked our upshot review.

FAQs to Buy The Best Steam Mops

1. How can you use a steam mop?

Steam mops come in different shapes and sizes. Most steam mops come with an adjustable steam output. Before you use your steam mop, you should vacuum your shark steam cleaner to ensure that it’s free of debris and large particles.

Once you completed vacuuming, you should prepare steam mops by filling the water tank with distilled water.

If your cleaning pad becomes dirty, you can use clean ones. Hence, you won’t be smearing out any excess grime and dirt onto the floor.

2. Are steamer mops perfect for all types of surfaces?

Be sure to use steam cleaners on sealed floors because it may cause harm to other kinds of floors.

A steam cleaner is safe for vinyl, porcelain tile, and linoleum. You may use floor steamer mop on some types of laminated and sealed hardwood floors.

If you want to see whether the steamer is safe for sealed hardwood beds, you may drip a few drops of water on the base. If the floor doesn’t absorb water in five minutes, you’d know it’s safe for teamer mops.

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