Best Soft Box Lights of 2023 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Soft Box Lights – One of the first things you’ll learn about indoor photoshoots is the importance of good lighting fixtures. Knowing how to diffuse and soften light is as important as learning how to light up your set. If you take selfies, home interior, and products for your online business, you’ll need softbox lights.

Softbox light is the most cost-effective solution for indoor shooting. If you’re looking to expand your filmmaking toolkit, softbox lighting kits are a must. As the name indicates, soft box lights sit inside a material made of a softbox. It provides a softer and even tone light when compared to traditional lights.

So, if you want to shoot videos or photos in a natural, soft, and even tone at any time, switch on to the softbox Kits. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get your first kit or a passionate hobbyist, it’s good to know the options that are available out there. Let’s go straight to the Best Softbox Lighting Kit.

Best Soft Box Lights

Best Soft Box Lights to Buy Online

1. Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent softbox lighting kit

Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent tops our list of soft box lights for photoshoots. Useful for any type of project, Fovitec Classic fluorescent lighting kit comes with an arm And a boom stand. It comes with a 5-socket fixture and one-socket fixture, each consisting of a 40 watt, 75-inch light stand and 20 by 28 inches sandbox.

You can use it as a hair light or background light. fluorescent bulbs have a coloring temperature of 5500 Kelvin which is ideal for outdoor shooting. It is ideal for photo shoots with Large windows So that you can effortlessly blend the dominated lighting with daylight balanced sources like HMI. A mid-level Lightning kit is perfect for people inclined towards portrait lighting setup.

Best Softbox Lighting Kit comes with a total of 5 light bulbs, each with a rating of 85 watts. As you add the 20 by 28 inch Softbox to the setting, the resulting setup produces adequate light for the project. The boom Arm comes in handy when adding Ascent light or hair light on portrait images. Two-set box lights are the minimum requirement for professional photoshoots. Studio PRO provides 3 instead of 2 lights.


  • 11 fluorescent lamps.
  • Quick Setup 20 x 28 inches box with AC socket.
  • The 5-socket head is an outstanding source of artificial light.
  • Softbox lighting is a 4.5inch boom arm and a sandbag.

2. LimoStudio AG814 700W Photo Video softbox lighting kit

Are you looking for an entry-level, inexpensive softbox lighting kit? If yes, you can switch onto the Limostudio AG814 Lighting kit. This unit comes with two 85w Fluorescent bulbs and two adjustable table stands so that it can provide sufficient light in many scenarios.

LimoStudio is a popular name in the market of cheap lightning kits. You may find that the lightning kit is not long-lasting. However, It is a good investment if you are a beginner and willing to learn professional photoshoots. It comes with adjustable stands that vary from 53 inches to 100 inches. It includes three stand legs and a standard mountain stud. The Stand consists of lightweight aluminum and is not very stable. These stands are expandable up to 70 inches.

No matter if you are taking photoshoots for your online store, domestic photoshoots, or Lightning features to your latest YouTube studio, Limostudio AG814 kit gets your job done. It is easy to set up the Lightning sandbox. Mantle and dismantle the kit within a few minutes. Adjust the photo stand as per convenience and use the knob to position your lightboxes. As they weigh 10.4 pounds, these soft box lights are a lightweight product that’s easy to set up and use.


  • Industrial Standard Mounting Stud.
  • Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages.
  • Solid Locking System for Light Safety.
  • Min 28.5 – Max 78 inches height adjustable.
  • Set up in seconds with Quick-release levers.

3. Emart 600W Photography softbox lighting kit

Emart comes third in our list of best soft box lights. The lightning studio specializes in manufacturing and delivering Premium box lights. Your camera will be capturing a full spectrum of light with natural color tones including a white umbrella, and keeping unwanted lights from getting reflected into your image.

The white umbrella finds its application in diffusing light from any flash device, creating a soft and even tone for your background.

No doubt that Emart Umbrella continuous lighting kit will Provide you the Photo that you are looking for. With the Perfect Combination of the black and white umbrella, a Professional umbrella softbox lighting kit is for photographers of all levels of expertise. It effortlessly improves the quality And effect in portrait photography, Product Photography, and Video shooting.

As mentioned above, this lightning kit comes with translucent black and white umbrellas and other photography pieces of equipment match with any regular softbox, which makes it suitable for a photoshoot.

This unit comes with a Spiral-shaped CFL 45 watt and a light holder socket that matches your photo shooting requirements. Black umbrella with silver lining evenly distributes soft light for enhanced effects and highlights.


  • 450W incandescent bulb.
  • Heavy Duty Sandbag.
  • Daylight balanced pure white light.
  • Aluminum alloy construction 78 inches Light Stand.
  • Ceramic mouth resistance high temperature lamp holder.

4. SH Studio 150W 5500k Softbox lighting kit

SH studio softbox lighting kit comes with a 33 inch or 84CM white umbrella. It diffuses light sources of any tungsten or studio flash source. The 5500k Spiral-Shaped bulb Produces an output that’s close to natural daylight and produces a crisp view of the items being illuminated. This background lighting kit is ideal for Digital Photography, video, and television shooting.

Professional background support equipment consists of Industry-standard Aluminium alloy that is durable and long-lasting. Decrease or increase the length of the crossbar as and when needed. It comes with a height-adjustable background frame. Softbox lighting kits diffuse the light and give you an even tone whenever you need the best shots.

As mentioned above the light stand is height-adjustable, which means that you can change the height from 2.3 feet to 6.7 feet. Moreover, you can rotate the light holder horizontally and vertically.


  • 210° Rotatable Softbox Head.
  • 2 150W E27 bulbs and battery life of 8000 hours.
  • Adjustable lamp holder for different shooting angles.
  • Made of aluminum alloy, collapses effortlessly.
  • Adjustable Stand Height with adjustable knob.

5. YICOE 5700K energy-saving softbox lighting kit

Are you looking to learn and try soft lighting in your next creative project? If yes, you can switch on to the YICOE soft box lights. Professional single kit includes a 20 by 28 inches Sandbox light that is appropriate for portrait, headshot, and small project work.

This led energy-Conservative light kit comes with 30 units of light beads that enhance the brightness level and is more affordable than your traditional sandbox light kit. It is 80% more energy-saving than the incandescent bulbs of the same wattage. It is easy to turn on the softbox lighting kit, and it comes with three distinct colored light modes including warm white, Warm yellow, and yellow. The brightness dimming range of the sandbox kit varies from 1% to 100%.

This unit is suitable for portrait photography, YouTube/ Vlog photography, regular domestic photo shooting, fashion photoshoot, and product photography. These Studio lights can rotate up to 210 degrees. The stand tripod consists of Aluminium alloy that’s more stable and solid.


  • Energy saving up to 80%.
  • 210° rotatable lamp holder and a height-adjustable stand.
  • High-quality LED lamp beads-brighter and clearer.
  • Color temperature from 2800K to 5700K.
  • Perfect for desktop blogging.

6. SH 6000K Bulbs Softbox Lighting Kit

We could not complete our list of soft box lights without mentioning the SH Studio Dimming 6000K Bulbs. The best part of this sandbox kit is that the energy-saving Unit is remotely dimmable And is responsive, adjustable to a temperature range of 2900 and 5700 kelvin (k).

Background support of the softbox light consists of Industry-standard Aluminium alloy that is durable and long-lasting. This background lighting kit is ideal for Digital Photography, video, and television shooting. Decrease or increase the length of the crossbar as and when needed. It comes with a height-adjustable background frame. Softbox lighting kits diffuse the light and give you an even tone whenever you need the best shots.

A single headlight holder lets you add a bulb to the light stand and an umbrella. One silver-black umbrella minimizes diffraction of light and increases brightness and contrast to the optimal level. What’s more, this unit comes with an easy-to-use carry bag that fits in your pieces of equipment and meets your requirements when you go out.


  • Service life of up to 50,000 hours.
  • 3 color of dimmable lighting kit.
  • It is equipped with a remote control.
  • Made of high-quality PET material.
  • It is rotatable up to 210° for diverse photography needs.

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Things to consider while buying Best Softbox Lighting Kit

  • Size of soft box lights

In general, the size of your softbox lighting kit should equal the size of the subject. For instance, if you’re shooting headshots or portraits, a 19 to 24-inch softbox would be sufficient. Sie would be on the higher end when shooting human figures. Most situations, particularly for photo enthusiasts or hobbyists, would require a 24 by 24 inch or 20 by 28 inch softbox. Most of the time Lighting kit with a couple of boxes comes in handy. Ensure that the kit you buy has high wattage bulbs and rotatable stands.

  • Stand and softbox light Quality

Make sure that your light source is steady when shooting videos or photos, keep an eye on the Quality of light. The ability to diffuse light across the area and brightness level determine the Quality of soft box lights. Likewise, it isn’t only the Quality of the diffuser, but the stand also matters. Look for stands that don’t wobble or deteriorate with time. Always opt for a stand that rotates up to 200 degrees, and comes with a height-adjustable stand from 27 to 80 inches.

  • Color and Shape of softbox lighting kit

A softbox lighting kit comes in varieties of shapes and colors. You’ll likely find square or rectangular lighting kits, octagonal kits are common nowadays.

It might not make a huge deal, yet the shapes determine how the light gets cast on the subject. While octagonal kits are ideal for close-up human objects, rectangular and square kits are suitable for the majority of the projects.

While the Rectangular kit casts a taller and longer light, the square kit casts a more even light. The white interior keeps light softer and more neutral, whereas the reflectivity of black-silver lining increases the brightness and contrast.


So, friends, it’s all that we had for you. Best Softbox Lighting Kit giving you access to an ideal softbox that meets and exceeds your experience. All these are user-friendly and offer exceptional service.

They are ideal for video photography, portrait studio, and photo lighting diffuser. Do let us know if you have doubts or ueries. Keep on visiting our site for more product information.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Best Soft Box Lights

1. Why should you go for a portable softbox lighting kit?

No matter if you’re a hobbyist or a practitioner the ability to move your gear adds to the experience. A piece of portable photography equipment makes their job easy. If portability matters to you, go for a softbox light that comes with a carrying case or one with a lightweight, compact design.

2. Where should you place the softbox lighting kit?

Depending on the wattage of your softbox lighting kit, you can place it close to your focus point and out of the frame. By placing the lighting kit close to subjects, you can better control and eliminate the shadows.

3. What is the purpose of the Best Softbox Lighting Kit?

Since soft box lights project directional light, it’s suitable for projects like still or product photography. If you want to add shadows or add value to your photography, a softbox light would be an excellent alternative.

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