Best Razer Headsets to Buy In 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best razer headset

A  pertinent sound  arrangement makes any game enjoyable whether it’s an online or offline. Specially online games where participants need to speak to play in a team. Participant needs a spick-and-span earpiece instead of any stereophonic or peripheral sound system.

In todays era web-based playing games are ominously very much charismatic, in regards to the various stages of any game. It has fashioned leading-edge equipment games accessible in the marketplace. For the players, the best razer headset is very much important to the life stages of the games.

Therefore, in our article we have presented before you the review of the razer gaming headset to help you to choose the best for you . We have furnished below the details of the products, starts from review to pros & cons which will give you to understand the best solutions for your requirements.

Best Razer Headsets to Buy In 2022

1. Razer Nari Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset:

This razer headset is listed as the first item in our list of Top seven best razer headset.

Razer Nari Wireless 7.1

REVIEW :-  Straight wearing the for the first time you notice that they are really big  Although it weighs a bit but being wireless it is justified . As for the headband is concerned it, is made up of leatherite guarded by aluminium . The headband also does a great job of spreading the weight around your head .

The headband’s force is not bad at all , making a proper seal around head with really applying much pressure . Even after more than 5hrs of heavy gaming it was completely fine . The leatherite which is used is really thick and large, so your ears will never scratch against the inside of the drivers . These zazer gaming headphone can also be termed as one of the best gaming headphone for pc.


  • Wireless 2.4 Ghz USB receiver for lag free performance .
  • 5mm jack to use this razer gaming headset in wired mode .
  • 50 mm driver with diamium magnets .
  • The bass an be boosted by its software .

thumbs up regular


  • This razer gaming headset gives you a surround sound experience with THX Spatial Sound .
  • Gets you a retractable bendable microphone .
  • Also gets you a noise cancelling microphone clear-in-game chat .
  • The ear cubs can rotate till 90 degrees and tilt 15 degrees to make rest you them comfortably on your shoulder .

thumbs down regular


  • Even after fully lowering the volume wheel, the volume doesn’t get muted .

2.Razer D.Va MEKA Headset – Exclusive Overwatch Edition :-

REVIEW :-  This razer gaming headset has got an L-shaped body design. As you put on the headset itself sits on the back of your head. Because oof on-ear ear cub design the ear-cub design it will sit on the top of your ear, and because of this, this razer gaming headset will press against your ear. The padding on its microphone is a sort of a memory foam .

As it’s ear cubs are on the ear , so this razer gaming headset will definitely cause you an ear fatigue even if you play for 30 minutes. It is not equipped with an extended microphone , and the in built microphone is not visible at first look and you will really have to find this microphone which is located on the controller switch in this razer gaming headset.

It is a really unique looking and cool gaming headset . Actually, this razer gaming headset is a gimmick headset, which means it is an accessory which a fictional character wears . Th

Razer D.Va MEKA Headset

ese types of things are not really meant for practical usage and is rather bought for cosplay/collecting purpose . But yes, it is definetly one of the best gaming headsets for pc in terms of collecting or cosplay . And if you are into collecting items then it is a must try item.


  • Discreet omni-directional microphones and in-line controls to get you into the game easily .
  • Multi platform compatibility for rev this razer gaming headset anytime anywhere.
  • Adjustable form-factor to fit MEKA Pilots .

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  • Large neo-dymium magnet drivers for high quality gaming audio .
  • Leatherette on-ear cushions for comfort both in and out your meech .
  • MEKA approved D.Va design .

thumbs down regular


  • The L-shaped design which makes this razer gaming headset fit on the back of your head and it’s on the ear , ear cubs will give you an ear fatigue for sure .

3.Razer Nari Essential Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset :-

REVIEW :- The Nari essential is a big unmistakably razer gaming headset The black plastic ear-cubs are large and circular with the razer logo on the back panels .They do not light up as they do on the Nari Ultimate , they are simply etched.

The round memory foamed ear cubs in this razer gaming headset are covered in faux leather on the inner and outer sides . And there is more breathable soft fabric on the top where against the ears and off the sides of the head . The included USB transmitter in this razer gaming headset is a simple , rectangular piece of black plastic that can be

Razer Nari Essential Wireless

mistaken for any flash drive . There are no indicator lights or buttons on it , only razer logo inscribed on the top .The Nari Essential works wirelessly with PC’s and  Play Station 4 consoles.


  • THX Spatial Audio can be used through the Synapse app to experience 7.1 surround sound in this razer gaming headphone .
  • This razer gaming headphone has a battery life of 16hrs .
  • User adjustable 10 band EQ .
  • Sound normalization features to boost the higher frequencies to level things out.

thumbs up regular


  • The rhythmic soundtrack of Rez Imfinite on the Play Station 4 gets plenty of thump in the lower frequencies .
  • Voice clarity to out high minds and kill the bass to make dialogue and voice chat stand out .
  • The THX Spatial Audio stimulated surround sound works brilliantly well on PC’s

thumbs down regular


  • Does not work well with the X Box One X gets no wired option this is the only drawback of this razer gaming headphone .

4.Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

REVIEW :- This a razer gaming headset which boasts some serious comfort as well as a great sound quality . This headset has a aluminium body which makes it really sturdy , which is great in headset because how often do we take our headsets and on and they fall on the floor which snacks the wire and have them come flying off but it is not the case with this razer gaming headset .To offset some of the ruggedness this headset comes with some serious padding in the ear-cubs,

Razer Kraken 7.1

whichare reallt thick memory foam pads which will prevent the earfrom touching the inside of the driver in this razer gaming headset . The headband is also heavily comfortable consisting of a light padded cushion . It is no doubt one of the best gaming headsets for pc.



  • 16.8m colour RGB lighting are equipped in this razer gaming headset .
  • Everything in this razer gaming headset is controlled by the Razer Synapse app.
  • Gets 50mm drivers.


thumbs up regular


  • The ear cubs in this razer gaming headset do a really great job of isolating the user from the surroundings , and immerses the user in the 7.1 surround sound .
  • The sound quality produced by the 50 mm drivers and 7.1surround in this razer gaming headset is really great .
  • The headset’s deep and low end sounds are really nice and mid and high range sounds are really crisp .

thumbs down regular


  • Gets no in-line button for controlling the volume

5. Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

REVIEW :- Starting with the build quality  of this razer gaming headset which is quite solid and also the quality of the wire is also way too premium . In terms of build quality it will give no chance to complain about and can definitely be called as one of the best pc headset .

Talking for the ear cubs this razer gaming headset has got a transparent ear cubs and drivers are clearly visible. There is rugby illumination on the inside of the inside of the ear cub, which is controlled by

Razer Tiamat 7.1

the software. But at the price point at which this razer gaming headset comes the sound quality is not that great.  The bass is not that punchier, but is okay, but the treble is really nice. You get a good sound, but not a directional sound . It is definitely one of the best gaming headset for pc.



  • This razer gaming headset gets a software controlled rgb lighting .
  • Transparent ear cubs are hidable by covers which come out of the box .
  • It comes with a 7.1 surround sound .

thumbs up regular


  • Digital microphone .
  • 3.5mm audio jack for wired usage .
  • Audio control unit .

thumbs down regular


  • The controller wire is short , so if you are using this razer gaming headset while lying then you may face a problem .

6. Razer Kraken Forged Edition

REVIEW :-  The first impression that someone will get about these headphones are that they really look stylish and cool. The entire construction of this razer gaming headset is done by airplane grade aluminium . There is a matt finish on the ear cubs and a polished ring on

Razer Kraken Forged Edition

the outer side which gives it a really good accent . But it weighs a little more than its competitor but instead of that weight you get a really high quality of construction. The ear cubs are made out of very cushy foam wrapped in a high quality leatherette, and the headband comes with a razer branding on its upper side. The headphone also a really nice cushion oh the inner side . The ear cubs do swivel to be adjusted according to the user’s head.



  • Wire management velcro strap.
  • Frequency response 200-220 Khz .
  • Omni-directional cable .

thumbs up regular


  • Overhead and over the ear headphones .
  • Plush leatherette ear cushions lining the ear cubs with a fully adjustable headband.
  • Swappable cable with an in-line microphone , giving user’s the versatility to easily convert it into a headset for gaming or telephony .

thumbs down regular


  • This razer gaming headset is too old than its competitors and better options are available at this price point .

7. Razer Thresher Stereo Headset

REVIEW :- This razer gaming headset has an improved headband made with metal with another comfortable cushiony band on its head. Although it weighs a bit rest of the build is of plastic except for metal mesh on the external side of the drivers.

The ear cub of this razer gaming headset is air tight, giving no extra sound from your surroundings. It has got thick padding but they will not make you uncomfortable . The left has got the volume wheel and on the right side you get a charging port, the switch on/off button, microphone and the mute button. The microphone

Razer Thresher Stereo Headset

is hidden and extends in a flexible arm. The transmitter which comes out of the box gets a power on/off button on the front and on the back side of the transmitter you get a USB charging port , USB connector for switching between console pc. This gaming headset is surely one of the best razer headset and as well as one of the best gaming headset for pc to which you should definitely give try.


  • You get custom sound control dials in this gaming headset from razer.
  • Extendable flexible microphone.
  • Dolby support with 7.1 surround sound.

thumbs up regular


  • Dedicated transmitter for console gaming.
  • This razer gaming headset will give you 16 hrs of non stop gaming at a single charge.
  • The drivers provided are of 50mm.

thumbs down regular


  • This razer gaming headset has a size which is too big and should have got sleeker a design.

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Things to consider while buying Best Razer Headset

There are few important things that customers should keep in the mind while buying  razer gaming headset:

  • First and foremost thing which is more important that the comforts of earphone.
  • The second important fact is the quality of the receiver. Headphone, microphone quality is one of the mandatory elements to know while buying razer gaming headset.
  • Headset that fits your ear is the important part to enjoy your web-based game sessions.
  • Budget is one of the significant components to discern while buying razer gaming headset.
  • Durability of the headphones is one of the important constituents to know while buying razer gaming headset.


Here we can conclude that sound quality is the most important factor for any headset specially for web-based games. We need a better sound quality to enjoy the different kind of sounds occurred during game sessions.

Every information is not right because there are many substitutes of these razer gaming headset already in the market, those options at a risk of buying the wrong items by the consumers.

After the research, we have designated some of the best razer gaming headset available today where we believe that customers will be able to understand that what they are looking for. It is recommended that before making any decision to purchase any razer gaming headset its better to know the reviews before making any choice.

Frequently Asked Questions to buy Best Razer Headsets

Q.1 Is Razer Headsets being useful to buy?

Yes, it is a useful to buy, especially for gaming enthusiasts who spends eminence time in web-based games.

Q.2 What is the important parameter to know while buying Razer Headsets?

The important parameter to know while buying Razer Headsets is the comforts of earphone because practically it does not give any wing if your sound quality is exceptionally great but  your headset doesn’t fit your ear. If you want to sit for a significant time for playing your favorite game, you should make sure to buy a lightweight earphone which should fit comfortably  around your ear.

Q.3 What is the Best Gaming Headset ?

We have illustrated the best gaming headsets and we are pretty sure that you’ll like any merchandise above from the list. Still, if you wish to magnify your search, we strongly recommend you to read the guide which we have furnished above about the best gaming headsets available in the marketplace.

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