The 6 Best Gas Chainsaws On The Market In 2023 Reviews and Ultimate Guide

Are you searching online for the best professional chainsaw? But don’t know how and where to start looking for the product? Don’t worry; you landed on the right page.

Whether you will go for a cordless, corded, or gas chainsaw depends on the level of power and mobility required. It also depends on the ease of maintenance and use. Gas chainsaws are Well-suited for an intricate project where the electric gas chainsaws are the Lightweight ones.

If you need to do a lot of cutting in a Wooded Area, it is advisable to go for the gas Chainsaws. On the contrary, the electric chainsaw does not require maintenance or consume fuel, but they need a power source and cords to remain connected.

Reading this article is a must if you search for the Best Gas Chainsaws that fit your budget and meet your requirements. Whether you are searching for an electric chainsaw or gas chainsaw, you will find the article useful. We have also included a complete buyer’s guide that will likely make your job easy. You will get to know the factors to look for when buying the best gas chainsaw for the money.

Best Gas Chainsaws

Best Gas Chainsaws to Buy Online

1. CRAFTSMAN 42cc-16 Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

It is our top choice product for the best gas chainsaws. Craftsman does not need any introduction as a brand. It is a reliable manufacturer when it comes to power tools of all types and sizes. If you are looking for lightweight yet robust gas chainsaws, switch on to the Craftsman 42cc Gas Chainsaw. Weighing just 20.6 lbs, this gas chainsaw maintains a compact form without compromising performance.

It flaunts a polymer chassis engineered for reliable, superior performance with minimal user fatigue. It comes with an adjustable chain that got designed for. It comes with a three-point anti-vibration system and easy-grip handle that makes it easy to use, manoeuvrable, and comfortable to operate.

Unlike other gas chainsaws mentioned in our list, Craftsman 42cc lets you increase or decrease the oil poured in the chain. Thus, you will get the ideal quantity of lubricant without wastage. There is no doubt that Craftsman 42cc is one of the best Gas Chainsaws available out there.


  • 42cc full-crank, high-output engine supplies steady power.
  • Easy Start Technology.
  • Low-kickback 16” bar and chain goes through even the most challenging wood quickly and effortlessly.
  • Bucking spikes provide leverage for stress-free, more controlled sawing.
  • Inertia-activated chain brake stops chain automatically.

2. Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw

The product ships with a kit that includes one kick guard, a bottle of ECHO XTended Life 2-stroke oil, and an instruction manual. The gas chain comes with a fully enclosed handle. There is a step plate to place your foot while restarting the power motor.

Whatsmore, it includes a power cut-off switch that’s just like a toggle key. It is durable, reliable, and easy to use. There is a chain tensioner on the right-hand side of the gas chainsaw. Echo CS-400 18” gas chainsaw includes an i-30 starter system, which reduces efforts needed to start the gas chainsaw by about 30%. As the throttle of the gas chainsaw is concerned, the ECHO CS-400 18” gas chainsaw includes an 82 dB SPL. However, it produces 107dB SPL that’s loud enough.

A computerized ignition system adjusts the engine timing. Vibration reduction works to make the gas chainsaw easy for you to operate. Rubber brushings compromise polyurethane material that absorbs shockings caused due to vibrations while minimizing its effect on the operators. It is ideal for heavyweight to medium cutting tasks, tree trimming.


  • An i-30 starter system.
  • Vibration reduction technology.
  • Effortless to operate.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • It produces 107 dB SPL that’s loud enough.

3. CZX Mini Chainsaw 4 inch Handheld Cordless Chainsaw

If you are looking for a portable, lightweight, and handheld best chainsaw for the money, CZX mini chainsaw is an excellent option. The user-friendly design of the handheld chainsaw makes it perfect for amateurs. The cordless design of the chainsaw makes it easy to use and carry.

Weighing 2 lbs, this ultra-light electric chainsaw comes with a non-slip handle that offers a comfortable grip. You can single-handedly use this 4-inch wood-cutting chainsaw. The electric chainsaw ships with a pair of gloves of universal size, making it wearable by both men and women. It includes a detachable splash guard for your safety. It comes in handy when trimming branches and logging. Whatsmore, it comes equipped with two rechargeable batteries, which enhances the efficiency of the tool and ensures user safety.

It consists of a high-performance silver-plated chain that underwent a quenching process. Moreover, it is long-wearing. It provides your tool with more torque and power and offers precise cutting. This cordless chainsaws is resistant to wear and tear and enhances the longevity of the product.


  • Rechargeable electric chain saw.
  • Lightweight and portable, long battery life, no damage to the bark.
  • Long time holding and not tired hands.
  • Practical and fast speed.
  • Low power consumption.

4. Echo CS-271T 12 In. Chainsaw

The best chainsaw offers you satisfactory, comfortable performance. As the best, it comes with a weight of 11 pounds. Naturally, you can’t use a heavyweight chainsaw with ease. As such, the echo CS 271T is a mid-range electric sawchain.

The 26.9 cc engine powers it. Though the brand offers up to 60cc engine for the high-end tools, Echo 271t is a lightweight tool, and the 26.9 cc is adequate for it.

Moreover, you are bound to save more power with the 26.9 ccs. Echo 27 t requires less maintenance and consumes minimum fuel for chopping wood pieces. The engine produces adequate power so that the chain runs efficiently and rotates accurately.

It includes an air filter that removes dust and other particles so that they don’t enter the engine. The two-stroke 26.9 cc comes with the I-30 smart-starting system. The vibration produced by the Echo 27t is not good for your work. It is why the handles of Echo 27t come with anti-vibration technology. The electric chainsaw has a throttle lock in the right hand’s handle.


  • 2 Stroke Oil.
  • Anti Vibration Handle.
  • Engine Displacement 26.9cc.
  • Auto/ Adjustable Chain Oiler.

 5. Greenworks 4-inch Handheld Brushless Chainsaw

Off the chance you are looking for a cordless, user-friendly, and brushless chainsaw, switch on to the Greenworks Chainsaw. It is ideal for yards up to ½ acre. It is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Thanks to its 10-inch bar, it comes packed with an exceptional amount of cutting power.

It requires no maintenance or oil, which saves your time and energy. This gas chainsaw comes with a brushless motor, which renders noise-free operation. Compared to the engine, brushless provides your tool with up to 30% more torque and power that offers precise cutting. The Brushless motor of the Greenworks Handheld chainsaw produces up to 70% more vibration for user comfort while using the tool. Though it is a compact and lightweight tool, it handles challenging tasks with ease.

It comes with an automatic oiler for applying oil to the guide bar. It consists of a high-performance silver-plated chain that underwent a quenching process. An electronic chain brake prevents the saw chain from accidental kickbacks.


  • Auto-oiler with transparent tank
  • Effortless push to start
  • Smooth operation and less noise
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • One charge delivers commanding power

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Buyer’s Guide on the Best Gas Chainsaws on The Market

Are you still looking for the best Gas Chainsaws? If so, we got you covered. Like other equipment that you buy, there are critical factors to look for when purchasing the best Chainsaws.

Let’s go straight to the factors that make the product quality the Best Chainsaw for the money.

  • Blade Length

Guide Bar is another term for blade length. It is the area where the chain remains connected to and spins to shop the wood pieces. It is one of the primary factors to consider when buying the best gas Chainsaw.

To determine the wood piece Military gas Chainsaw can handle, have a look at the length of the chain and blade. Even though guide bars are available in variable sizes, the gas chainsaws come in ranges that vary from 12 to 72 inches.

For residential purposes, you can choose one Between 12th 20 inches for professional purposes, use one that’s more than 20 inches.

As per the general Thumb Rule, the blade has to be At least 20 inches more than the wood piece you want to chop.

  • Blade Speed

A lot of Power Tools have their blade speed or tool speed mentioned. You should know that a tool with higher motor speed performs better than the one with Lower blade speed. An electric Chainsaw includes its blade speed mentioned in FPS or RPM.

FPS stands for feet per minute which indicates the speed with which your gas chainsaw is running.

RPM stands for revolution or rounds per minute. It is related to your speed of the motor. The majority of the electric chainsaws vary in speed from 4000 RPM to 5000 RPM. A gas chainsaw runs in speed from 50 FPS to 40 FPS. An electric Chainsaw with a speed of 5000 RPM for 40 FPS will likely perform better.

It helps you with precise cutting and enables you to cut tree branches and leaves using the best chainsaws quickly.


We provided you with a list of the best chainsaws available out there in the market. We conducted thorough research and shortlisted the 6 best professional chainsaws. Of Course, you need to conduct thorough research before choosing a product that meets your requirements.

It’s wise to go for a well-built product. Owing to the quality of the product it manufactures, CRAFTSMAN is the best chainsaw brand. CRAFTSMAN 42cc-16 gas chainsaw is our fav pick. Long-lasting reliability, agile cutting force, and ease-of-one are some of the standout features of the product.

If you have any queries related to any of our shortlisted products or have a personal preference that you’d like to share, please comment below.

FAQs on the best chainsaw for the money

  1. How to choose the best chainsaw for the money?

When it comes to electric chainsaws, you’re more likely to get what you pay for. The majority of the individuals fall prey to marketing tricks and end up buying the wrong products.

Best Gas Chainsaws are priced between $ 80 to $ 600 based on the brand popularity and features of the product. Make sure to check out the reviews before buying a product. Have a look at the power consumed, ergonomics, maneuverability, customer service, and safety features.

  1. How to make a mixture of gas and oil for a chainsaw?

If you are going to mix the ingredients by yourself, use two strokes of engine oil and high octane fuel of your preference. Mix the gasoline with oil in the ratio of 40:1 and 50:1 or as indicated by the manufacturer of the gas chainsaw that you are using. 

  1. What are the things to avoid while using a chainsaw? 
  • Don’t use a gas chainsaw with damaged, missing, or loose parts.
  • Don’t make adjustments to an electric chainsaw or the chain while in operation.
  • Never leave an electric chainsaw unattended with pets running around.
  • If you are a beginner, make sure that you take safety classes.
  • Avoid dropping or starting the gas chainsaw if you are using it single-handedly.

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