The 9 Best Foosball Tables of 2023

Best Foosball Tables – Are you searching for foosball tables? You are in the right place. For the past several years, people have been playing table soccer. Whether or not you believe it, the small-scale foosball table has existed since the 1800s.

It was not until the 1970s that the foosball board became available in the US. It does not matter whether you are a soccer player or a football scan. If you want to fill a basement bar or game room, go for foosball tables.

Many soccer fans think of buying foosball tables. Soccer lovers likely have it already. Most commercial game rooms have foosball tables. It became popular among non-players and players of football.

If you have time and browse the internet, you’ll find several brands manufacturing foosball tables. Before you head out and buy the best table you see, take a breath. With lots of choices, it is hard for you to choose a foosball board.

It is why we came up with the best foosball table reviews. Our goal is to make the task of choosing the right board easy. It’s why we listed the factors to look for when buying foosball tables.

Best Foosball Tables

Best Foosball Tables Review


1. Joola sport squad mini tabletop foosball table Compact Mini Tabletop Soccer Game for Adults and Kids

Joola foosball table adds a dose of fun and excitement to people from all walks of life.

If your budget is on the low-end, go for Joola sport squad mini tabletop. The sport squad is a compact foosball table that is easy to store out of the way when you are not playing it.

It comes with a chrome-plated rod that makes a quick shot possible for years to come. Since it weighs 15 pounds, the item is lightweight and portable. The soccer table comes with a rubber-groove handle that makes easy grip a breeze. It means that your hands won’t pain even after playing for hours.

The legs of the best foosball table come equipped with rubber feet that make it ideal for the most enthusiastic plays. It comes unassembled and includes Allen Wrench, making it easy to set up.


  • It has a dimension of ‎5 x 14.4 x 3.7 inches.
  • It weighs 15 pounds.
  • It has a protective cushion on the table’s leg.
  • It consists of engineered wood with a 1-year warranty.

2. Portzon mini soccer tabletop competition games sports for family

If you are up for the best foosball table that speaks of quality and durability, go for it. Solid design is one of the positives of the soccer tabletop. For people who struggle with storage and space constraints, it’s excellent.

The Portzon mini soccer tabletop doesn’t lower your expectation as it comes with robust construction. If your level of expertise is intermediate or advanced, get the mini soccer tabletop from the Portzon brand. It comes with durable engineered wood construction.

The best part of foosball table is that you can strike hard. You can play without worrying about the construction of the item. Though it’s ideal for kids, its sturdiness prompts adults to play foosball as well. It consists of multi-density fiberboard and durable ABS material.

It is perfect for two to four players to play at a time.


  • Ergonomically designed with premium quality ABS material.
  • It weighs 8 pounds with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is suitable for two to four players.
  • It consists of nylon and engineered wood.

3. Mainstreet 20-inch foosball table/ Soccer Game

Do you want to take the flavor of soccer gaming? If you have a compact space, go for the Mainstreet foosball table. It comes with a combination of stability and exciting features to provide you stress-free gaming experience.

It gives you the fun of foosball without taking up much space and breaking the bank. The compact size of the soccer tabletop renders portability and easy storage. It comes with four rows of players and each row has three players. It comes with two units of soccer-style footballs.

It comes with two manual sliders for keeping dual-sided balls and scores leveled.

The best part of buying the best foosball table It comes with an abacus counting system that makes it easy to count scores. The compact body allows hassle-free mantle and dismantling of the board. It comes ready-to-use, lay it, and enjoy the game.


  • Arcade-style tables.
  • Condensed edifice provides maximum portability.
  • An automatic end ball return.
  • 2 soccer style foosballs and 4 metal rods.

4. Mainstreet 36-Inch foosball table Multicolor Soccer Game

Are you looking for a high-grade foosball table? Bring the fast-paced foosball board that fits on any table. If you want to have some foosball fun without worrying about space, go for the Mainstreet 36-Inch table. It is versatile and light enough to carry with you wherever you go.

The soccer board comes with two soccer-style balls and six lines of players. It comes with two manual siders and double returns of balls. It is perfect for kids and adults alike. Customer feedback suggests that it is good for starters. The mini soccer table comes unassembled, which means you have to set it up yourself.

Mainstreet 36-inch board comes fourth on the foosball table review. The soccer board is a little heavy. You can keep it on a table or a flat surface. The rods come with a handle that gives your kids a secure grip.


  • Versatile and light enough to carry anywhere.
  • 2 soccer-style balls and 6 lines of players.
  • It has a dimension of 36.8 x 21.6 x 3.4 inches.
  • It consists of ABS plastic.

5. TORPSPORTS 4-in-1 foosball table

Torpsports 4-in-1 foosball table is the last item in the best foosball table reviews. It is uniquely designed with green pitch with white outlines. It consists of Yellow Vs. Blue teams in 3-3-3 formations.

Another highlight is that it consists of solid rods with ergonomically designed rubber grip handles with 2 x foosball table balls. This table is versatile; it contains eight rollers that slide across the panel to imitator the original shuffleboard. Curling courts rules are also included.

Additionally, it contains ten pins to play Mini Bowl and a blue table tennis top that comes with a net and 2 x table tennis balls, and 2 x table tennis bats. It is a multi-games table that embraces Ping Pong Tables, foosball, Bowling tables, and Shuffleboard Tables.


  • Ergonomically designed rubber grip handles.
  • Curling courts rules comprises.
  • 8 rollers that slide across the panel to imitate the original shuffleboard.
  • Yellow Vs. Blue teams in 3-3-3 formations.

Things to Consider While Buying the Foosball Tables

By now, you have got to learn about the best foosball table. Indoor games like foosball always make up for a fun night in house parties. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro battling for the tournament or an amateur playing for the first time.

You get maximum satisfaction from playing a fair game. It is why it’s essential to pick the best board for playing table soccer. Consider the factors that constitute the best table. Make sure that tick all checkboxes when choosing a foosball table.

Keep reading best foosball table reviews to learn about the factors in detail.

Table type

The table existed long before and is available in a group of varieties. It is better to learn more about the types of foosball types when buying one. The two main types of foosball tables are freestanding and tabletop.

While a freestanding table with legs covers an indefinite space, tabletops are compact. If you want to transform your living space into a gaming arena, go for freestanding ones.

If you have a space constraint, go for a tabletop one. Though it’s compact and has no legs, it offers the same level of fun.

One can level the best foosball table based on the number of players it accommodates. Most foosball tables get designed for two players. If you’re a beginner, go for this kind of table. If you play in groups, go for a 4-player table. For players, a foosball table with eight handles is the best choice.

Construction type

The price of the foosball table relies on the quality of materials used for constructing it. A cheap foosball table has particleboard that is not much durable. It starts deteriorating with time. If the foosball table weighs below seventy pounds, it has particleboard. The price of particleboard tables lies somewhere between 50 to 300 dollars. If you are looking for a cheap table, go for it.

The best foosball table has solid wood—a table made of pressed wood warps when exposed to moisture. If you’re looking for a high-grade table, be sure that it has at least a 1-inch thickness.

Types of rods

Most foosball tables come with one of the three-rod variants. If you are a pro, go for one with hollow rods. While solid rods are ideal for mid-level gamers, telescopic rods are perfect for kids.


If you are looking for an affordable way to spend time with families and friends, get a new foosball table. If you want to play indoor football or an advanced game like ping-pong, foosball is an excellent choice. Regardless you buy it offline or online, and you need to get one that meets all gaming requirements. Keep in mind that people who have access to the foosball table will use it.

After going through foosball tables reviews, you know the factors to look for in a soccer board. Go through the list of products and features to choose one. Each brand that we chose has been around for years. If you need a premium foosball table, go for it. Don’t you want to spend a lump sum? Get the Joomla foosball board.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy a foosball table?

You can buy a foosball table at any gaming and sports equipment store in your locality. But, it is advisable to check out an eCommerce store. The perk of buying the board online is the foosball table review and feedback.

2.What is the warranty on a foosball table?

Usually, brands back their products with a manufacturer’s warranty. It ranges from 3-month to one year. Brands like Kick offer lifetime replacement and warranty. If the warranty info goes missing from the site, contact the dealer.


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