The 7 Best Drill Bit Set To Buy Online In 2023 Reviews

Best Drill Bit Set – A drill bit will undoubtedly make your drill job effortless. A drill bit matches the length and diameter of the hole that you are going to make. So There is no doubt that a drill bit is indispensable for professional and DIY  enthusiasts.

Drill bits are available in a range of sizes, materials, and Shapes. Using this versatile tool, you can drill holes on metal, plastic and wood. Buying one drill bit set to replace a broken one appears to be an easy job, but you need to know the factors to consider when buying the best drill set.

Best Drill Bit Set

Reading this article is a must if you are looking for drill bits for metal. We will provide you with a list of seven best drill bits for metal. Furthermore, the buyer’s guide will help to choose one drill bit set that suits your project requirements and fits your budget.

Best Drill Bit Set To Buy Online

1. DEWALT 20-Piece Black Oxide Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Black Oxide Drill Bits for metal includes a collection of drill bits ranging from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch. The drill bits come with a black oxide coating that protects them against rust and corrosion. Thus, it enhances the longevity or durability of the product.

The drill bits come with a 135-degree split point design that minimizes slipping and walking while facilitating no-slip walking. DEWALT Black Oxide Drill Bit Set is ideal for wood, plastic and. The parabolic flute design of the drill bits offers strength to the tips.

The drill bit set comes in a tough container that keeps them organized. The Soft-grip lock of the container keeps it closed securely. Drill bits for metal come with a 135-degree split point design. The set includes drill bits ranging from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch.


  • Parabolic flute design for superior bit strength.
  • Black oxide finish for better wear protection.
  • 135 D split point tip design to help diminish walking.
  • Effortless to use.

2. CO-Z Cobalt 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set

Are you looking for the best drill bits for metal?  If so, then switch onto the CO-Z cobalt drill bits. It comes coated with high-speed Steel and Titanium coating that makes it durable, long-wearing that looks new years to come.

It includes variable size shafts that are compatible with  ¼,  ⅜,  and  ½  chunk sizes. Make sure that you mark the spot that you want to drill. It would prevent the drill bit from sliding while enhancing the longevity of the product.

The non-walking tip of the CO-Z Cobalt drill bit provides effortless drilling on aluminium sheets, plastic boards, and wood boards. Keep in mind that the board must be smaller in width than the height of the step drill bits. Cobalt Drill bit set comes with a Titanium coating. Drill bits work with aluminium sheets, plastic boards, and wood boards.


  • Drills holes of different sizes without changing bits.
  • Smooth hole edges, faultless to drill holes for HVAC jobs.
  • Smoother and rounder holes.
  • Minimal shocks and prevents metal scurf from flying around for better safety.

3. DEWALT Titanium 21-Piece Drill Bit Set

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly and affordable Titanium Drill bit?

If yes, you should go for your DEWALT Titanium drill bit set. It is ideal for both professional and novices.  It is equipped with Titanium coating, and the drill bit set is durable and long-wearing.  Since it is made with heavy-duty metal,  it doesn’t break easily and Offers maximum durability.

The Drill bits for metal are suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Titanium set comes with 21 pieces of drill bits that vary in sizes from 1/16 to  1 /2Inch  in a  Plastic Container.  It ensures that the drill bit remains organized and secured.  It works with significant materials; it also works effortlessly in cement, wood and plastic.  It also comes with a 30 days lucrative money-back guarantee.


  • Best for drilling in wood, metal and plastics.
  • Titanium coating for extended Life.
  • Speed tip decreases walking.
  • No spin shanks.

4. Bosch CO14B 14 Pc. Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set

Bosch cobalt drill bit set consists of upgraded M42 alloy and includes up to 8%  alloy.   The heavy-duty cobalt drill bit set lasts up to 10 times more than traditional drill bits.  This unit is designed for high heat resistance. No skate tip prevents the drill bits from sliding.    Henceforth, it increases the longevity of the product.

This drill bit set features a  web helix design that ensures the removal of dust particles While offering increased stability and responsiveness. The range of drill bit sets varies from 1/16 to ½ inches. As the name implies, the set includes 14 drill bits.

The drill bits are made of high resistance particles, and they can withstand heat for a longer span of duration. The toughened tips of the drill bit make it easy to penetrate through the abrasive materials.


  • Thick Web-Helix Design.
  • No-Skate Tip.
  • M42 Grade Cobalt.
  • Designed for durability and with high heat resistance.

5. BLACK+DECKER 10 pieces Drill Bit Set

By the chance that you are familiarized with the power tools, you must have heard the name of  Black and Deckers. It manufactures the best drill bit sets for metal.  As mentioned in the box,  the set includes ten distinctive drill bits available in a range of sizes from 1/16 to 1 /4 inches. That’s quite decent for the price tag of the drill bit states.

The drill bit consists of high-speed steel. You can use any of these drill bits with the drill 3/18  chunk size. One of the downsides is that it does not include a case.

The drill bit set makes it easy to use and can be placed in any toolbox. With this drill bit set, you can work with plastic, wood or metal.


  • 10-piece Drill Bit Set.
  • It consists of high-speed steel, ensuring longevity.
  • It comes with a handy bit bar.
  • Drill bits for metal come in a range of sizes from 1/16 to 1 /4 inches.

6. CRAFTSMAN Gold Oxide 14-Piece Drill Bit Set

No matter whether you’re working with plastic, wood, or metals,  you get your work done quickly with a craftsman gold oxide drill bit set. Since it comes with a gold oxide coating,  this drill bit set is resistant to wear and rust.

Every bit of the drill bit set God design to keep a sharp edge. A specially designed Split bit provides precise hole placement for a burr-free hole.  Drill bit Sets for metal come in an organized manner so that it becomes easy for you to use them as and when needed.

As mentioned above, it comes coated with a black oxide that renders longevity and durability.


  • The gold oxide corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Drill bits for metal vary from 1/16 to ½ inches.
  • This drill bit set works with plastic, wood, or metals.
  • Provides precise hole placement and clean, burr-free holes.

7. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

Neiko is a  new brand that manufactures drill bit sets and other equipment.  It has a high rating because of the high value for money it offers. This drill bit set comes coated with titanium. This drill bit flaunts a typical two Flute design that eliminates dust Particles and facilitates clean operation.

It includes a tri- flatted shank that secures it into the power tools. The hexagon shanks help to keep the drill bits in place. This drill bit set works with metal. Apart from metal, this drill bit set also works with plastic and wood.  It works with 1/8 and 1/12  Chunk sizes. As mentioned above, it comes coated with Titanium and high-speed Steel that renders longevity and durability.


  • It comes coated with a mixture of titanium and high-speed steel.
  • The two-flute design of the drill bit set allows easy cleaning of dust and other particles.
  • Flatted Shank feet swelling to the power tool and prevent the drill bit set from sliding.

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Things to consider while buying the best Drill bit set to buy online

Are you still looking for the best drill bits for metal? If yes, then you’ll find this section useful. Here is a concise list of things to look for when buying drill bits for metal

Compatibility of the Drill Bit set

When buying a drill bit set, you need to know whether the unit will work with the brand or type of drill. You will find that majority of the products will work with the universal drill chuck, whereas the specialist one will work with specific materials or brands of drills.  So it is essential to check the compatibility of your drill bit set before buying one.

Types of Drill Bits

You have plenty of drill bits to choose from,  so you don’t need to complicate your search by looking for a generalized one. Most of the sakes that claim to include all types of drill bits contain the following ones.

Step Drill bit:  These sorts of products help drill on metals and wood. The step design of the drill bit set allows it to materials of different diameters.

Flat or step Drill Bit: This sort of drill bit is helpful for drilling larger holes on wood.

Masonry Drill Bit: Masonry drill bit for drilling into materials like brick, cement, or plasterboard. You will need it for drilling on the plasterboard.

The thickness of the Drill Bit Coating

Another vital factor considered before buying a drill bit set is the thickness of the coating. Ensure that you purchase a branded one so that you get a drill bit set of decent thickness. The downfall of buying a low-grade drill bit set is that it has a thin coating. It is not long-wearing. The coating fades away sooner, resulting in the exposure of core metal.

Frequently Asked Questions related to best drill bit set to buy online

 1. Out of the titanium or cobalt, which are the best drill bits for metal?

Tilt and Cobalt drill bit sets differ in similarities. Both serve as the best drill bits for metal and resist heat. But there are differences too. You can sharpen the cobalt drill bits without causing harm to them and retaining their chemical properties. So, it would be best if you opted for cobalt drill bits.

Titanium Drill sets come coated with titanium nitride or titanium carbonitride. You can use both to coat the exterior surfaces of the bit to prevent it from getting corroded. Generally, the Cobalt drill bits are without coating and consist of steel and alloy.

2. With which colour are the drill bits for metal coated?

Drill bits with metal-coated comes in variable colour depending on their construction. It owing to the carbonitride or oxide construction, the high-performance metal drill bits have a black coating. Titanium drill bits have a golden coating, whereas the cobalt ones include a bar of silver, gold, or blue coating.

3. How can you make sure that you don’t end up overloading your drill bits every time?

Follow these steps to ensure that you don’t end up overloading your drill bits.

  • Store your drill bit sets in a dry place. If you keep them in moisture, they’ll start rusting.
  • Centre Punch the place that you want to drill. It prevents the drill bits from sliding.


So, above is complete details information about Best Drill Bit Set To Buy Online. Here you can find out all awesome collection of Drill Bit Set to purchase online.

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