6 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets (All Types)

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets – Are you hunting for cruiser motorcycle helmets? You are on the right page. Riding lovers will realize that motorbikes are the best things that have been there all around. It allows you to get the actual taste of long roads and long trips.

The thrill of riding motorbikes is unexplainable. A cruiser is a trustworthy companion on long terrains. A four-wheeler indeed gives better mileage than a motorbike, but two-wheeled monsters provide absolute freedom of riding when driving. It is perfect for long-distance travel.

If you want to enjoy a safe riding experience, it’s better to go for the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets. Let’s get things clear beforehand. You’ll need a cruiser when you are cruising. So, what the heck is moving? When compared with a full-throttle and high-octane ride, cruising presents a laid-back experience.

While it’s enjoyable and relaxing, you don’t need to rush at all. Plus, you have the grandeur of a range of diverse scenery. Though it gives you a serene experience, the helmet remains a need for the user’s safety.

Choosing a cruiser helmet is not a simple task, and you find it a daunting task. We came up with a list of top-reviewed cruiser helmets available there. Let’s get started without any ado.

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets Review


1. AHR RUN-C Half Face Cruiser Helmet

It tops our list of motorcycle cruiser helmets. AHR RUN-C is an affordable and dual-sport headgear with some essential aspects you may need on an adventure tour. The design and structure of the headgear are quite simple. It likewise comes with a peak and face shield.

A well-ventilated headgear is all you need when going for an adventure ride or a regular one. If you need something that ensures safety and absorbs impact, go for AHR RUN-C cruiser motorcycle helmets.

It is a German retro-inspired headgear and has a shell made of ABS plastic. It got DOT FMVSS.218 certified, which ensures safety and quality. It has a high-density and fully vented EPS liner, which doesn’t compromise safety for comfort. It comes with a quick-release chin strap that makes it easy for the rider to put it on and off.


  • Compact & sturdy
  • Flexible Quick Release Buckle
  • An extraordinary buffer layer and a detachable visor
  • Premium quality lightweight ABS shell

2. MMG Half Open cruiser helmet

If you are looking for premium cruiser motorcycle helmets, switch on to MMG Cruiser headgear. It comes in a matte gray shade and looks sleek on a bike. It looks good on males and females. At 2.5 lbs, it comes in a tinted sun visor and is exceptionally lightweight.

It comes with an additional pair of goggles, which protects your eyes from glare. You can retract the visor when not in use.

Additionally, it comes with a quick release chin strap made of nylon. It gives a snug fit to your head and makes you feel comfortable. Like all other helmets produced by the brand, it comes with a DOT FMVSS 218 certificate.

It comes in a fashionable, exciting design that houses cutting-edge features. If you want to purchase an open face helmet with a removable visor, go for MMG cruiser bike helmets.


  • Sleek Design and well vented
  • Attached visor and copiously lined interior
  • Adaptable Windproof Goggles
  • ABS Thermoplastic Resin Shell

3. Daytona DC6 Open Face Helmet

Are you a fan of the Marvel Series? Daytona DC6 cruiser motorcycle helmets come third on our list. The headgear is extremely lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like a burden on your head. Daytona DC6 is not like any ordinary open-face helmet. But, it offers almost the same level of protection as full-face headgear. It has a peak visor that holds you strong against winds.

The cruiser motorcycle helmet exceeds and meets the safety requirements. It comes with a quick-release system and provides impact protection with a nylon quick-release strap. Daytona DC6 is the most smallest ever ¾ motorcycle helmet, whichever got developed so far.

Each skid lid comes with a removable visor and goggle strap. The outer shell got made of butadiene styrene. The cruiser bike helmets come with an inner lining. It consists of moisture-wicking fabric. Daytona graphics lids got designed to offer a snug fit.


  • Constructed with expanded polystyrene
  • Comfort lining with moisture-wicking material
  • Hard-wearing and breathable
  • DOT approved and FMVSS 218 safety standards

4. Woljay Leather motorcycle cruiser helmets

The motorcycle cruiser helmets come forth in our list. It is available at an attractive price. When considering all comfort-based aspects, you will find that the cruiser helmet is a value for money product.

Though the leather helmet is more pricey than its plastic counterparts, it is worth it. The hand-woven Lycra and removable brushed liner give a warm and cozy feel. You don’t have to bother about tear and wear, smells over time.

It is rugged and unique and highlights a hand-painted print over the ABS injection mold. Still, it offers a firm grip on the user. The outer shell got injection molded and comes with a hand-woven finish, which makes it an ideal cruiser helmet. Wearing the classic motorcycle helmet makes you feel like a second skin that gives you protection against shocks and wear. It comes with a ¾ open face design that facilitates ventilation while protecting the user against impact.


  • Hand-woven Lycra
  • Removable brushed liner
  • ABS injection mold
  • Protection against shocks and wear

5. HANMEI Leather Brown cruiser helmet

Are you looking for a leatherette cruiser headgear? HANMEI half helmet with a sun visor got DOT approved. It got built with a quality ABS shell and dense EPS foam. The design of the helmet makes it compact enough to store under the deck of your motorcycle. The EPS foam of the HANMEI motorcycle cruiser helmets gives riders a comfortable feel.

It comes in a classic, leather-brown color. The sleek design ensures that you exude confidence while driving through the lanes. The dark visor of the headgear ensures that the eyes of the rider remain well-protected from blurry vision. It has a leather lining, which is washable and removable for easy cleanup.

The helmet comes with an adjustable strap to offer optimal comfort to the user. Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets meets the minimum safety requirements needed to drive on street. Ínner lining and outer shell of the helmet provide adequate protection to the rider.


  • 4 season ear muffle
  • Expedient chin strap
  • One-touch buckle
  • The dark visor of the headgear

6. Vega Snipper cruiser motorcycle helmets

Are you looking for simple, stylish, and more functional cruiser motorcycle helmets? The skull cap headgear comes with a moisture-wicking inner liner that keeps you comfortable and dry. The shell of the headgear features a breathable EPS liner that promotes ventilation and keeps you protected.

Now you can fully enjoy the thrill of biking with the half face helmet. The cruiser headgear exceeds and meets the safety requirements of the US DOT FMVSS 218. The cruiser helmet comes backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

As it is only 1.8 pounds, the helmet is lightweight. It reduces neck fatigue. It is easy to use with and without gloves. Moreover, it is available in two unique colors: matte black and gloss black. The cruiser helmet offers world-class safety at an affordable price.

The anti-microbial lining of the headgear protects the user from skin infections. Additionally, it provides a clear view of the road when the sun is high in the sky.


  • Unconventional Wick-Dri liner
  • Breathable EPS inner shell
  • Lightweight and sturdy material used
  • DOT and FMVSS 218 certified

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets: Buyer’s Guide


The construction of the cruiser motorcycle helmets creates an impact on safety, weight, and safety rating. When buying a cruiser headgear, you need to consider the build of the helmet’s shell. You can go for fiberglass composites, Lexan polycarbonate, and carbon fiber. It is better to go for a helmet that offers protection against impact and heavy friction.

Full-face headgears provide the best-in-class protection against all types of impact.

Material of the helmet

The latest motorcycle cruiser helmets come backed by CAD technology. It offers a snug fit and optimal comfort for the driver. Before deciding on one, check this with your bike’s helmet manufacturer.

As they are lightweight and have unbreakable strength, headgears made using fiber or fiberglass are perfect for riders.

Chin pads

Full face helmets make use of more cheek pads than their open face counterparts. It protects the chin or cheek of the rider in times of a bike collision. It is better to opt for a bike with good padding, as it absorbs most of the shock when the rider’s head bangs on the surface of the road.


Retention is one of the features that we give the least priority when buying a cruiser helmet. Retention is the factor that decides whether the helmet will remain intact in case of a collision. What if the helmet is of superior build, but it comes off as you meet an accident.

Be sure that you check the quality of the chin strap when buying the helmet. Check the quality of the strap, as it’s enough to hold the headgear intact.

Price of the headgear

The price of the motorcycle cruiser helmets in the list ranges from 15 dollars to 70 dollars. By now, you should understand that the cost of the headgear doesn’t only depend on the brand. It relies on the material of the helmet as well. You should be ready to spend extra bucks on the biking accessory that ensures your safety.


By now, you know the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets that you can get in your budget. If you want a premium quality helmet, go for the Daytona DC6 3/4 Shell open face. Daytona DC6 is the smallest ever ¾ motorcycle helmet, whichever got developed so far. If your price is on the lower end, go for the MMG Half Open cruiser helmet. Pick anyone that meets your spending plan and requirements. We hope that you find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you measure a cruiser helmet?

It is better to measure a cruiser helmet with a measuring tape. Instead of measuring in inches, you should measure the dimension of the helmet in centimeters. It helps you get a more accurate measurement. Take a measurement right from the eyebrows and a full circumference circle using tape.

2. When do you need to replace a helmet?

In general, the lifespan of a chopper helmet varies from four to five years. The durability of the headgear depends on how you use and maintain it.

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