Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets: Comparison And Reviews

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – A helmet is what you need while hitting your fav lanes atop your riding beast. However, A Bluetooth helmet is an impeccable solution to heighten your podcast streaming experience.

It lets you place phone calls, play music, and communicate with your friends using your co-passengers during an outing. Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and speakers work using a networking technology used by a cell phone.

Regardless of the state laws, it’s secure to wear motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth. It is because the risk awaiting on-road isn’t worth it. There is no harm to go for a brain helmet. But, long gone is the time when people had it.

Besides, tech-savvy gears like Bluetooth-enabled helmets are easy to track. It can be a lot harder to know whether or not a helmet is worth it. As brands keep harking for their products, it’s tricky to know whether it meets your needs or not.

We made things easy for you by listing the top branded headgears available out there. Down the post, we will find the list of the top-reviewed motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS.

The buyer’s guide lists the aspects of a headgear, which makes it durable and reliable. Let’s get started without extra ado.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets: Comparison And Reviews


1. Momentum EVO Bluetooth helmet

It tops our list of the best Bluetooth helmet for motorcycles. Sena is continually evolving, expanding, and refining the Momentum series of headgear. Virtually all helmets from Momentum have different product baselines. This helmet has the 30K architecture, which means that the users get all related capabilities and features. It includes the Mesh Intercom technology too.

The SENA Momentum Pro has a reasonable price point too. Nevertheless, it is available in three sizes. The big Matte black headgear comes thoughtfully packed in a bag that includes the logo printed. It comes placed in a sealable bag with the multi-lingual starter guide.

It lets you take advantage of hands-free calling, navigation, and music. You can buy the helmet from The best Bluetooth helmet for motorcycle has a long oval outlook and comes with a reinforced chin strap.


  • A contoured peripheral for a sleek look
  • Cohesive Mesh Intercom Technology
  • Advanced ventilation system and ECE & DOT certified
  • Modern oval-shaped fit for stress-free wear

2. TORC T27B1 FWT Bluetooth helmet

TORC T27B1 FWT has all the attributes that assure you a safe and risk-free biking experience. The best Bluetooth helmet for motorcycle comes with a lot of structural designs. The durable build of the headgear provides users with stability and support.

Its stylish, oval design will make you look like you landed from a spacecraft. Like other Bluetooth-enabled helmets, TORC T27B1 comes with a polymer shell that guarantees the user’s safety. The robust and durable builds let the helmet helps you withstand impacts and stay in one place.

The 400m intercom of the helmet allows you to interact with other riders. It comes with fully detachable and machine-washable EPS paddings for optimal comfort and ease of cleaning.

The TORC T27B1 offers structural support to give you maximum comfort against crashes and impacts. The TORC T27B1 comes with Bluetooth 2.0.


  • Polymer shell ensures the safety of the user
  • Robust and durable builds
  • It comes with Bluetooth 2.0
  • EPS paddings for optimal comfort

3. Sena Outrush Gloss White Bluetooth helmet

The newest edition of the Sena Helmet lineup is the Modular helmet. It’s an affordable offering that suits any kind of motorcycling activity. Though it isn’t plush, it fits well.

Sena motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth offer a range of well-fitted and great aerodynamical properties. It has a good noise control capacity too. The chin-guard section works fine and gets locked for dismounted use.

The new headgear from Sena is resistant to fog and UV rays. The replaceable UV visor and quick-release faceguard reduce glare and give clarity. BT 3.0 mechanism works with three other units and offers mobile connectivity for easy communication.

Sena Bluetooth helmet for motorcycle comes with an intercom that ranges up to 0.5 mi range. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Bluetooth-enabled unit, turn to the unit.


  • Bluetooth 3.0 integration
  • Advanced Jog-dial control
  • HD Intercom Mode
  • Two-way Intercom and 3-hour charge time

4. Sena SAVAGE-CL-MB Black X-Small helmet

If you are seeking an open-face helmet with Bluetooth connectivity, Sena SAVAGE-CL-MB is your best bet. Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS feature integrated controls, speakers, and microphones placed in the brow section of the headgear. It’s equal or far better than the mic units that riders append to the open-face headgear.

The compact two-control functions on the edge of the helmet are visible, but it is easy to exploit. It works like the Sena 20S controls with a toggle control and a button. These two controls are enough to switch on and off your music system, reject calls and play tracks. It lets you pair your phone with an intercom.

The filtered earplug allows you to listen to siren and traffic sounds. It has an intercom that works up to 1.6 km and GPS directions.


  • Versatile Connectivity
  • Compact two-control functions
  • Advanced noise control
  • Multi compactness EPS for added protection

5. HJC Unisex-Adult RPHA-11 PRO Bluetooth helmet

HJC 10 got upgraded to RPHA 11 PRO, and it is the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth available out there. The RPHA series is a step-up from the average HJC helmet. Not to mention, it costs you slightly more than average headgears. But, the RPHA 11 PRO gives solid competition to any high-end motorcycle gear available out there.

When you look at its features, you will realize that it’s priced reasonably. It is super comfy and high has a high-grade construction. Besides, it is available in a range of color contrasts.

Perhaps ventilation is the best feature of the RPHA 11 PRO headgear. The chin-guard of the helmet likewise has a unique feature. It flaunts an extra slider on the inner edge of the chin bar that controls airflow.


  • Advanced CAD technology
  • Anti-Fog insert lens
  • Premium Integrated Matrix Construction
  • Optically greater anti-Fog 2D flat-racing shield

6. Freedconn BM12 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Are you looking for a high-end motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth?

Switch onto the Freedconn BM12 motorcycle headgear. When you look at its features, you will realize that it’s priced reasonably. It is super comfy and high has a high-grade construction. Noise control is the only drawback of the helmet. But, it is not that loud on a high pitch.

The face shield has four sturdy and position detents. It comes with a user manual, which makes it easy to pair up the device with TomTom Rider and iPhone GPS unit.

It likewise has a 90-degree micro USB data cable. The headgear features a mesh intercom Bluetooth technology tucked in a fiberglass shell. It allows you to pair up a Bluetooth-enabled mobile with your helmet. It is perfect for two to three motorcycle riders.


  • Multiple Ventilation System
  • DSP Noise Control
  • Sturdy ABS Shell & DOT Certified
  • Crystal rich Music & FM Radio

7. FreedConn Motorcycle BM22 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

FreedConn Motorcycle BM22 Bluetooth-enabled headgears come with an innovative style that suits your personality. The FreedConn motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is highly durable thanks to its ABS shell. The DOT and CE-approved headgear offer outstanding protection.

The DOT Bluetooth-enabled headgear offers you a safe ride even when you are a tough terrain. It comes with a tinted sun visor that shields you from UV rays while giving the motorcycle a front view. Besides, the helmet comes with a lithium battery that offers eight to ten hours of speaking time.

It also provides 300 hours of standby time. The full-face headgear comes with an intercom and caters to three riders. It comes with an in-built speaker and helmet with innovative noise cancellation properties.

It comes with impressive one-touch control. Do you want to receive calls while driving safely? It is possible with the FreedConn BM22  Bluetooth helmet for motorcycle.


  • DOT Bluetooth-enabled headgear
  • 300 hours of standby time
  • An impressive one-touch control
  • CSR Smart Core Specializes in shape and core

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets: Buyer’s Guide

For riders that want to make phone calls and listen to music on their way home, motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth serve as an excellent solution. There aren’t as many Bluetooth-enabled helmets as other audio systems, but our experts put efforts to find the best ones available out there. Whether you choose one of these or others, keeping an eye on factors gets your life easy.

Keep reading to learn more about the factors to look for when buying Bluetooth-enabled helmets and gears.

Bluetooth Range

At first, you should know that Bluetooth headgears don’t cover wide ranges. Regardless of the unit you choose, be sure that the transmitting and receiving devices lie close to each other. It helps you build a connection and listen to music or interact with others using an intercom. The best motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth comes with an apt Bluetooth range to converse with others over a decent distance.

 Battery life

It’s better to choose a Bluetooth helmet that doesn’t take too long to reciprocate. It is more so when you forget to charge it before traveling somewhere. The best Bluetooth device will allow you to work for a couple of hours.

It lets you cover miles without having to bother about a cut-out. Additionally, it should have a long cut-out time. You’ll find that some Bluetooth helmets work as long as six hundred hours.

The sound quality of the helmet

If you want to stay hands-free to communicate with co-passengers and navigate, choose a Bluetooth-enabled helmet with intuitive voice controls. Be sure that the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth can cancel noise. An ab-powered Bluetooth headgear provides a clear and crisp sound quality.

Ergonomics of the helmet

When selecting a Bluetooth helmet for communication or music, be sure that you can access the controls effortlessly. The best Bluetooth helmet comes with an anti-noise mic and dual stereo speakers.

Additional features of the headgear

If you want to stay connected with others when riding, be sure to buy a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth that links with all helmets. For instance, you may want to connect with two to three riders when driving.


We hope you loved reading the reviews and descriptions of the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth. The editor’s choice of product is Momentum EVO. It is pretty ventilated and comes with a bunch of features. If you want to go for a more affordable option, get Freedconn BM12.

Do you have queries or doubts regarding the products?

Mention your inquiries in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use Bluetooth with a half helmet?

When you use a half helmet, your face remains exposed to wind and external elements. As a consequence, it’s hard to hear anything from Bluetooth-enabled speakers. A helmet that covers the entire face will block outside noise, and it allows you to listen to music tracks.

2. How many devices can you connect to a Bluetooth helmet at a go?

Well, it depends on the model of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS you use. The majority of the helmets will let you pair up with three other people for an intercom streaming. Yet, some helmets will connect you with as many as eight riders.

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