We Tested 30+ Beach Towels—Here Are 10 of the Best

Beach Towels

You will likely take beach towels with you when you are up for the beach holidays. You want to enjoy a few days by lying on the sand, which is when you need to use a beach towel. Ultimately, you want to check the beach towel or the bath towel.

You are likely to side towards a beach towel because spreading a bath towel on sand will look weird. You can do whatever you want. You have the liberty to dry yourself with either a bath towel or a beach towel.

As long as it is clean and dry, it doesn’t bother you. It is up to you. The primary purpose of a beach towel is to create a barrier between the sand particles and you.

If you are searching for the best beach towel, read it. We explored hundreds of products and narrowed them down to the following. Have a look at the list of products and the aspects to look for in beach towels on sale.

Beach Towels

Best Beach Towels to Buy Online


1. CLOWOOD Oversized Plush beach towel

If you are searching for a beach towel with a soft texture, a CLOWOOD Oversized Plush beach towel is the way to go. It is not just silky but also feels luxurious without burning a hole in the pocket. It is large enough to cover your body and act as a small beach towel.

One of our reviewers claimed that the size is perfect and that it made him feel supersoft and offered a nice cushion. Nevertheless, it is worth making more space in your beach bag because it shakes off the sand particles. Adorable designs of pool towels make you get a beach mode.


  1. Lightfast and durable
  2. Superior quality
  3. Made of Combed Cotton
  4. Soft and healthy for the skin

2. VENTURE 4TH Oversize beach towel

If you are a tall person, you would have likely used household items that are too short for you. Nevertheless, the added length and width of the beach towel allow you to enjoy the sun and surf without your feet touching the end.

The beach towel is about 78 inches long and 35 inches wide, And it’s one of the largest that we tested. Water absorbency and handy attributes are what made the towel stand out. It takes almost two minutes to absorb one-fourth cup of water. Cheap beach towels come with a built-in clip at one point, making it easy for you to hang and dry them.


  1. Highly absorbent
  2. Lightweight and quick-dry
  3. Stylish and OS Ripple design
  4. Effortless to care

3. Elite Trend beach towel

You can buy plenty of elite trend microfiber beach towels by visiting the Amazon site. You can choose from colorful patterns to Buddhist and Mandalas. The beach towel comprises high-grade microfiber, which is smoother and softer than average cotton towels.

It will dry instantly, which means you can enjoy the sunshine without lying on a wet piece of cloth. You can fold and wrap it in a travel bag with it.

Additionally, it also has a loop for you to use whenever needed. These large beach towels come in three sizing options that include extra-large, family, and bundle pack option that comes in multiple sizes.


  1. Convenient and stunning designs
  2. Silky smooth and Quick dry
  3. Sand free and frivolous
  4. Small & simply fits

4. Ban.do giant beach towel

It comes with Terry cloth and Features a tassel trim with the border. It gets designed to be oversized, Measuring 60 by 60 inches on the whole.

It comes in three distinct designs: an orange slice, a daisy, and one that comes printed with the words one with the sun. Out of all three, the orange slice seems to be the most well-liked by the Ban.do shoppers, which made it score An average of 5 by more than a hundred viewers.

The microfiber beach towel comes with red or green Terry cloth for optimal coverage and comfort.


  1. Effortlessly convert to blanket
  2. Optimum coverage and additional comfort
  3. Pleasurable and contented
  4. Highly porous and quick-drying

5. Utopia Electric blue beach towel

Utopia towels offer a range of highly absorbent and versatile towels and are available in attractive colors to choose from. The Utopia beach towel will provide optimal overage in terms of usability while Meeting your everyday needs.

It comes With 100% cotton, making it highly absorbent with call kinds of loops on all sides to dry off your body and hands. You can take the Utopia towel with you if you are going by the poolside or beach. Beach towels amazon comes with a generously sized 35 by 70 inches bath sheet, which is practical and carefully crafted to ensure durability.


  1. 100% cotton fabric
  2. Double sewed tailored finishing
  3. Highly absorbent and hard-wearing
  4. Safe and consistent for use

6. Amazonbasics beach towel

Whether you are relaxing by the poolside or the beach, you can take the Amazonbasics cabana beach towel with you.

Each towel measures about 30 by 60 inches which is enough to dry your hands and body. It will provide you with the feeling of pampered luxury and is an excellent choice for a getaway, summer time and tropical vacation.

It is about five feet long and Offers plenty of lengths to wrap your body entirely. It gets woven with cotton and comes with high-quality Terry cloth that offers spa-like softness. Sand-free beach towel remains Absorbent and soft.


  1. Cabana stripe design
  2. Stitched edge for additional strength
  3. Constructed with ring-spun cotton
  4. Exceptional porosity and greater softness

7. Sauna Hammam beach towel

You can’t go wrong with the ultrasoft beach towel made bigger before prewashing. After the process, the size of the towel becomes 36 by 70 inches. The towel will retain its size and shape during the washing. It is thin yet highly absorbent. It also takes a little time to dry.

The towels are machine washable and consume less energy from the washer and dryer. It Also Doubles as a sarong, scarf, and pareo. You can take them to the gym, spa, and bath.

The fact is that it takes much less space and is great for travel. Beach towels will remain plush from one wash cycle to another.


  1. Machine washable
  2. Energy smart and well-organized
  3. Elegant and quick dry
  4. Great decorative & optimal coverage

8. Wise Owl beach towel

Whether you want to go to the beach or the next camping, you can take the Wise owl beach towel with you. The microfiber beach towel will keep you fresh and clean when you need them the most. It will come with a loop so you can hang or fold it conveniently.

The beach travel measures just 20 oz and gets folded down to 12.5″ x 3.” Surprisingly, you can place it on the yoga mat for more comfort. The microfiber beach towel will absorb about seven times its weight in liquid. The best beach towels come in three different colors to choose from.


  1. Sand repellant
  2. Millions of microfilaments
  3. Expedient hang dry strap
  4. Engrosses over 7x in water

9. Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe

Utopia Towels hit the sweet spot in the beach accessories with their 100% ring-spun cotton towels. It is hypoallergic and aesthetically good-pleasing. The bright stripes of these beach towels will make them stand out in the crowd. It has absorbent features throughout the stay at the resort.

It doesn’t weigh much and has the dimensions of a beach towel that lets you comfortably sunbathe without bothering about sand sticking to your body. The towels will get softer with each wash. It will retain softness for years to come.

The pool towels come in natural materials with zero chemicals involved that keep you safe. You can rely on the towel to dry you off in style.


  1. Exceedingly absorbent hasty dry
  2. Lightweight and dense
  3. Soft and Long-lasting
  4. Sumptuously soft cotton

Buyer’s guide on the Best Beach Towels

Water absorbing capacity

People may use beach towels to lay in the sun and dry off. If your beach towel does not dry instantly, you’ll find yourself sitting on a sandy, damp and uncomfortable mess. When it is time to head home, checking all the stand out of the beach towel will be a difficult job. It is why you need one water-absorbent beach towel.

This type of towel will soak up moisture, which means that beach towels on sale dry incredibly fast. Rather than picking up the first cheap beach towel that comes on your way, you need to look for those with water-absorbent materials like cotton or terrycloth.


You will get wrapped in or lying on the beach towel for hours, so you need something comfortable.

The fact is that a thick towel can make your day at the beach more comfortable. Even when it gets folded, it will take up a lot of space in the bag. It may mean that you need to carry more bags that fit everything else you need. Cheap beach towels need to fit in a bathing suit, books, sunscreen, and a change of clothes.

Thick towels will be heavier when they get wet. Besides, you will have a tough time shaking the sand out of the beach towel. If you are short on shelf space or a closet, it is better to store your beach travel in a separate area of your home. For instance, you can have a dedicated storage space or a basement. Store the microfiber beach towel when it’s not getting used.

Right size

Towels can be too small and way too Big. Ideally, you need to buy a beach towel, at least as long as you are a tall person. in terms of a towel, it needs to be about 60 inches by 28 inches. It will be a good exercise for a beach towel for most sea goers. If it is too small, you need to look for a beach blanket instead.


If you are buying a cheap beach towel, it will seem ideal at first. But, we will suggest you spend extra bucks to buy large beach towels that stand the test of time.

It is worth noting that if you go for a beach towel for less than $10, it doesn’t last more than a trip and start wearing out. If you go for a cheap towel, you need to buy at least three or four to get you through the season.


The best beach towels are long enough to wrap your entire body in them. You can also find oversized and different choices to accommodate all heights. If you want something to do the primary job of drying your body well, you need to take a beach towel. It is thin and made of lightweight fabric so that it does not add weight to the bag. It will bring the best of both worlds to your closet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best way to store a beach towel?

How to store a beach towel will depend on what storage you have. When you use a beach towel more frequently, you need to think logically. You can use and store the towels with your bathroom towel or other swim gear.

2. How do you wash a beach towel?

Before washing a beach towel, you need to shake it out to remove sand and dirt. It’s better to follow the care instructions on the tag of the towel to avoid issues like color bleaching. You can get it washed in a load of laundry with the heavy-duty detergent that will break apart stains and soils.

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