The 10 Best American Girl Dolls to Buy In 2023

Best American Girl Dolls – Girls in the United States are united by a common thread, apart from their geographical, ethnic, or economic differences. One thing that makes them cohesive is their interest in American Girl between the ages of 5 and 9.

American Girl dolls, especially those in the historical character line, are clothed in personality-inspired costumes that reflect period and location. You may also choose a doll from the truly me or create the lines that look just like you. Customers may also select dolls based on a personal connection to the tale.

Julie, for example, is an enthusiastic 1970s American Girl who adjusts to significant life upheavals like her parents’ divorce and living in post-Vietnam America. Children are naturally drawn to these educational companion dolls because each doll has a unique viewpoint and a relevant narrative.

Even if none of them had the best American girl dolls, they all had a classmate who did, and she was the first grade’s “it girl.” Their little plastic hands nurtured America’s girls and taught them love and self-respect via American Girl books, films, and dolls.

However, not all American girl dolls are created equal. Some are self-absorbed narcissists, while others are just dull. It’s crucial to avoid the duds, so take a look at our comprehensive list of the 10 best American Girl dolls.

Best American Girl Dolls

Best American Girl Dolls to Buy Online

1. HOOMAI Lifelike Reborn Baby Dolls

From head to toe, this baby doll measures 22.8 inches/58cm. This baby doll has a soft weighted body that replicates the sensation of a real baby. Children may carry her everywhere. This baby doll is the newborn size (0-3 months) and maybe dressed in newborn (0-3 months) baby clothing. A reborn infant has a lifelike appearance.

This baby doll’s blue eyes are applied by hand, her gorgeous black rooted hair is created by hand, and her limbs and legs could be manipulated and posed. The realistic expression on this baby doll will entice your children to play. Baby dolls are an excellent option for children’s birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, preschool and home activities, role-playing, and nurturing play.

The reborn doll is also an ideal companion for grandmothers and collectors. The doll’s head, arms, and legs are skillfully made from silicone vinyl that complies with ASTM F963 and EN71 safety standards for children aged 3+ and is entirely safe for your children.


  • High-quality silicone vinyl used.
  • 100% handmade craftwork.
  • Multi-layer manufacturing processes.
  • 8” & 58cm from head to toe.

2. American Girl WellieWishers Camille Doll

American Girl’s WellieWishers line for girls ages 5 to 7 includes five fanciful characters—Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille—who dream and play in a beautiful backyard garden while learning timeless life lessons like empathy, compassion, and the value of friendship. When the WellieWishers put on their brightly colored garden boots, they are prepared for anything!

The WellieWishers are a lovely and funny bunch of girls who all want to be good friends. Together, they learn that although “good actions” like collaborating, sharing, taking turns, respecting emotions, and making things right are not always easy, they are precisely the appropriate things to do to foster the growth of beautiful friendships. Camille’s golden hair is styled in beautiful ribbon braids. Her smooth hair is ideal for shaping and combing.

Camille loves the sea—and she has the calm demeanor of a mermaid. She is the go-to person for her pals when they need someone to listen. Camille is a 14.5″ doll with blue eyes, a freckle on one cheek, and brushed and styleable silky blond hair. She will inspire hours of creative play. Camille adores blue and green, which is evident in every aspect of her ensemble, from her flowing striped skirt to the adorable fish fins on her footwear.


  • Hair is seamless for brushing and styling.
  • Premium quality material used.
  • Beautifully crafted designs.
  • whimsical garden-themed accessories.

3. American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

Willa is a nature-loving explorer who speaks squirrel, chipmunk, and skunk fluently. Willa’s favorite good acts include cognitive abilities, particularly helping people to develop an understanding and love for animals and the environment!

This is a 14.5″ doll. Your baby girl can pass hours of creative play with her. This American girl doll is fashionable and well-known for its inventiveness.

This doll is  made of vinyl and plastic with deep-brown eyes and a curling black pigtail hairstyled in a pigtail and dressed in a striped yellow and white blouse and a light purple skirt with white polka dots a floral design. It comes with a pair of bright pink flowery wellies.


  • Can style the hair.
  • Whimsical, garden-themed accessories.
  • 5 inches & 36.8 cm from head to toe.

4. American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll

Ashlyn is a future princess (and party-planner extraordinaire). She is the perfect person to flip a friend’s gloom upside down. Ashlyn is a 14.5″ doll with brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and long brushed and styleable brown hair. She will inspire hours of creative play.

American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll is an excellent option for younger children, particularly those who like princesses.

Brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and long, silky brown hair characterize this vinyl and plastic doll. They are dressed like a princess with a pink gown and tiara. Includes pink and gold boots. Children are capable of brushing and styling their hair.


  • High-quality materials used.
  • beautifully crafted design.
  • The hair is perfect for styling.
  • 5 inches & 36.8 cm from head to toe.

 5. XFEYUE Doll Clothes and Doll Sleeping Bag Set 18 Inch Girl Doll

XFEYUE Doll Clothes are the best option for your American girl dolls. The makers of this doll are dedicated to providing the ideal girls’ pajama party. The bundle includes a highly comprehensive assortment of party items. Your kid will adore it and will enjoy it for days!

Girls will delight in dressing up their dolls like unicorns! The rainbow unicorn’s arrival will offer even greater pleasure to the girls. The makers of this doll want to ensure that it fits appropriately; they care about your purchasing experience and are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Their costume design is very professional, and the unicorn pajama outfit has vibrant rainbow hues. The sleeping bag and pillow are both fashioned in a fashionable and adorable unicorn design. This will assist your kid in developing a positive habit of self-dressing and may assist the youngster in sleeping deliberately at the appropriate time.


  • The unicorn pajama outfit.
  • Vibrant rainbow hues.
  • Design is very professional.
  • Fashionable and adorable unicorn design.

6. COSYOO 17 PCS Doll Travel Set Suitcase American Doll Accessories for Girl

This American doll travel outfit contains 17 pieces of clothing and accessories that are compatible with 18-inch dolls. The beautiful packaging makes this the ideal present for little princesses.

Doll travel accessories help youngsters develop their creativity, strengthen their hands-on ability, learn and arrange travel essentials, and interact with their peers.

The new fashion sense elevates your American doll to the status of the most stylish traveling girl. With spinning wheels and adjustable handles, the suitcase is simple to open and shut. Suitable for American 18-inch dolls.


  • High-quality and sturdy Material.
  • 29” long and 1.96” thick.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Best for 18-inch dolls.

7. American Girl WellieWishers Emerson Doll

Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille, from American Girl’s WellieWishers line for girls ages 5 to 7, dream and play in a beautiful backyard garden while learning timeless life lessons about empathy, compassion, and the value of being a good friend. The WellieWishers are ready for anything when they put on their bright garden boots!

The WellieWishers are a lovely and funny bunch of ladies who all want to be good friends. They learn together that “good actions” like collaborating, sharing, taking turns, respecting emotions, and making things right aren’t always easy, but they’re exactly what’s needed to make beautiful friendships blossom.

Emerson loves the limelight, and the spotlight adores her in return. Funny jokes, unique dance routines, and show-stopping songs are some of her favorite ways to make her friends laugh. Emerson is a 14.5″ doll with dark brown eyes and curling pigtails of black hair. She will inspire hours of creative play.


  • Beautifully crafted dress.
  • Whimsical garden-themed fixtures.
  • Hair that can be styled.
  • Two hair ties with tulle ribbons.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best American Girl Dolls

American Girl dolls are divided into many categories, each catering to different ages and interests.

Girl of the Year:

Girl of the Year dolls honors a character with current and relevant interests and experiences. These 18-inch American Girl dolls depict a cross-section of contemporary America, complete with realistic interactions.

They’re meant to offer youngsters a peek into people’s lives all across the nation — lives that may be quite different from their own — while also demonstrating that some life experiences are universal.

Blaire is the 2019 Girl of the Year, for example. She lives on a property where weddings and other special events are held. The tale also depicts her dietary sensitivities and her family’s financial and technical struggles in a rural setting.

Dolls from WellieWishers:

WellieWishers dolls are 14.5 inches tall and designed for children aged five and above.

These five American Girls have a wide range of personalities, and they learn more about one another by putting themselves in each other’s shoes — or, in this instance, wellies.

In 2016, American Girl introduced WellieWishers, a line of dolls and tales for youngsters who are too young for full-size dolls.

Historical Characters:

Kaya, a Nez Perce in 1764, or Kit, who’s tale takes place in the 1930s, are among the 18-inch Historical Character dolls that span various periods and locations in American history.

The real backstories of the dolls teach children about many cultures and civilizations. These dolls’ clothes are intended to represent the trends of their particular periods, such as Josephina’s 1824 moccasins or Samantha’s 1904 white bloomers.


Hair is made of Kanekalon fibers of the highest grade. These are attached to the doll’s head and stitched into a cap. The majority of American Girl dolls have straight or wavy hair in a variety of blonde, brown, black, or red colors. Hairstyles and textures have become increasingly diverse in contemporary American Girl dolls, especially in the Create Your doll line.


The limbs, legs, and heads of American Girl dolls are all moveable. Many more petite dolls have all-plastic bodies, while full-size dolls usually have fabric bodies and plastic arms. The structure evolves as American Girl improves the quality and features of its designs. However, the company’s dolls are always manufactured to high standards for excellent quality stays constant.


These were the 10 best and cheap American girl doll is to buy in 2021. You can go anyone for them. Before you select any of them, know about American girl doll prices and compare them. So, why are you waiting? Just go and choose your favorite one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I store the American Girl doll’s box?

It’s important to preserve the boxes and any wrapping to collect the best and cheap American Girl dolls. It adds considerable resale value to have the doll in its original packaging, and it’s much more expensive if it’s in pristine or very new condition.

2. Can I combine and pair American Girl doll accoutrements from different characters and collections?

Definitely, while each character’s accessories and books are unique, they will fit any American Girl doll of the same size.

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